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Want even more sales shifts while you wait?

What if you could book your business out with ONE offer?

You can grow your business without doing all the things, burning yourself out, or GASP! showing up in all the Facebook groups!

You need the ONE thing to focus on that creates results. No more hamster wheels. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall. One thing. Real results – you know, the kind that shows up in your bank account?

What you need is flow – product flow. A way for aligned clients to enter your business, get a mini transformation, and flow themselves into your higher priced offers.


Give me just a few hours of your time, and you’ll be crafting your own personalized flow to help book out your business with the addition of one new offer.

there’s a million ways to grow your business – but doing them all? Doesn’t work.

I’m going to help you focus on the one that helps you the most. Creating the perfect client transformation journey.

The Client Prescription is a value packed mini course to help you create and launch an irresistible flow in 30, 60, or 90 days. (YOU choose your own timeline based on your own needs.)

Stop trying to do it all – and be it all. Allow ONE offer to fill your business – and create epic results for your clients.   

Best part, you can expand upon this magic to boost your momentum – AND you can apply it again and again!

TCP Mockup

Stop doing #allthethings – in 1-2-3, I’ll walk you through how to focus on the ONE thing to grow, scale, and amplify your business for just $47!

It’s time to put aside the busy work. 

With all the shifts that 2020 is bringing in, no one has time for what’s NOT working anymore.

And let’s face it, there’s a lot out there that’s not working.

You’ve been hustling until you haven’t wanted to hustle anymore.

You’ve been doing #allthethings to stay visible, just hoping more clients will fall into your lap.

You’ve tried new strategies – but it all involves fancy software, throwing more money into ads, or (gag) cold messaging people like this is the 90’s.

You’ve tried what feels like EVERYTHING, but with less time on hand, it’s starting to feel like the pieces are never going to come together.

Truth bomb: Unless you have a solid product flow, all of that is just hopes and wishes.

Sometimes it will pan out – but your business (and your bank account) needs more security than “sometimes this works”.

Before you throw in the towel and even consider the option of “maybe it’s time to go find a day job” (It’s not!), there’s three problems keeping you from reaching the success you want.

Problem #1

When we’re not making sales, we’re taught to sell – but selling is only the superficial part of the problem. If your clients aren’t achieving great transformation, it doesn’t matter how well you can sell, OR how fast you craft your new offer.

You’re being taught to get on a fast train to nowhere, with lots of different techniques thrown in to “make it run smoothly”. Instead you need to figure out where this train is going by creating a flow based on creating noticeable wins for your clients.

Forget about blindly doing that set number of tasks to create a result… and focus on your client wins, so their momentum naturally flows both of you forward – instead of you trying to do all the work.

Problem #2

You have your amazing offer – but does your audience recognize how amazing it is? You know your offer backwards and forwards…but your client needs to be able to recognize themselves in it.

If your messaging is missing how this going to make magic for them, everyone is simply going to keep scrolling by.  

Problem #3

If you built it, they’ll come right? That’s what you hear over and over – but when? How many?  Just creating a course or an offer isn’t enough.  

You need momentum to bring your future clients to your offer easily – and you need that momentum building before you launch your offer.

If you’ve ever thought launching was wayyyyy too complicated…or launched to crickets, this is where things first jumped the tracks!

Raise your hand if this sounds like you.

You know this is what you’re called to do – but you just can’t completely fill your business consistently at the speed you want. It’s frustrating, annoying, and there are times that you even wonder “Is this really my true calling, or am I fooling myself?”

You can attract in a great, engaging community. You LOVE connecting with them, but when it’s time for you to sell (and you know, help them further), you hear more crickets than hell yeahs.

Your existing clients are AMAZING. But when your time with them is complete, they have no idea how to keep using your expertise while still growing. You miiiight even catch them hiring someone else for the next stage, while you look confused because you can do that too.

the prescription for your business

What you’re doing right now isn’t working. And that’s because you’re all over the place. You’re posting on Instagram. You’re growing your list. You’re scheduling fancy photo shoots to get that perfect headshot. But is that actually helping your clients? Or you? NO. 

The old way is a lot of work.

It’s a lot of sacrifice. (Raise your hand if you’ve ever said you’ll have that vacation/treat/night off AFTER hitting that next goal!)

You’re spending a lot of time focused on everything but what you love the most – the transformative work that you do.

…which means all of your clients aren’t getting as big of results as they could be.

What does work: doing less. (Really.)

Focusing on creating deeper transformations for your clients.

A deeper transformation for them translates into a more stable income (and business) for you.

And before you decide to go create the world’s most thorough program to create that transformation, remember: we want this to be easy for both us and our clients.

We want our clients to KNOW they’re achieving results – which makes it easier for them to keep creating results, and helps them self diagnose what they need next for even greater results.

What’s the key to that life you’re envisioning becoming reality?

Introducing an irresistible entry point – a little nibble, so to speak – that allows your clients to get their feet wet, and then feel safe plunging into transformations with you.


just what your business ordered to jumpstart the health of your client flow. (And income)

A value-packed intensive that gives you the system to easily attract in aligned clients – AND funnel them to the best way to work with you. (Because there’s no point spending time bringing future clients in…if they fizzle out before you can help them shift!)

✨ No ads needed.

✨ No fluffy tasks to feel busy.

✨ Only using your expertise to attract in clients who are already ready for transformation – AND investing.

The Client Prescription breaks down this process into three easy steps:

Diagnosing The Problem

If your revenue stream isn’t starting with your client’s transformation needs, it’s not going to create the steady + easy flow of income you’re looking for.

Fulfilling The Prescription

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, what’s your sales page worth? Or your checkout page? Or the thank you page that tells people they took the first step onto their transformation journey?

Launching Your Magic Medicine

Because it’s one thing to create something powerful, it’s another thing to get it out there into the world. Launching can feel complicated – but it can be easy as creating a pathway to your offer BEFORE your launch to get people ready and waiting.

You don’t have time to keep figuring it out. Throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks is NOT a business strategy – neither is creating new offers really fast to see what people buy, or how successful they’ll be.

You can create a flash in the pan (at best)…or you can create an irresstible flow that gains its own momentum based on your client transformations.

As your clients gain results, their energy propels your business further – not you doing #allthethings.

What’s Included In The Client Prescription?

Training One: Diagnosing Your Client Transformation Stream

In this training, we’ll be creating your Client Transformation Stream – the revenue stream that brings in clients who who are brand new to you, and flows them to the top level of transformation they can receive from you.

We’ll work on:

  • Diagnosing Your Future Client’s Need
  • Crafting The Prescription Offer They Need
  • Creating Your Offer Flow
Momentum Bonus: A complete breakdown of  my OWN introductory launch for The Client Prescription

Learning is one thing – seeing is another. Once our intro launch for The Client Prescription is complete, we’ll be adding a complete launch flow that includes the annotated launch map I created – so you can see how someone else puts this into motion, and why I made the decisions I did.

TCP Mockup

Training Two: Fulfilling Your Prescription: The Trifecta of Your Sales Page, Checkout page, + Thank You Page

In this training, we’ll be focusing on how you actually deliver your client prescription to your audience. It’s one thing to have a great offer – but how do they know it transforms? How do they know it will work for them? A great prescription needs to be packaged in a way that makes it really clear what your clients can expect from your offer.

We’ll work on:

  • Helping Your Clients Self- Diagnose What They Truly Need
  • Delivering Pages That Convert – From Sales to Checkout to TY
  • Making It Easy For Your Clients To See Transformation Results
TCP - Training 2
Momentum Bonus: Conversion Checklist Bundle

Need to make sure you’re not missing any important pieces to truly connect to your audience? We’ve got you covered with a set of checklists to make sure your sales pages are connecting wtih your audience + helping them assess their prescription needs. Move past the most common sales page mistakes with these checklists + guides. 

TCP - Checklist Bundle

Training Three: A Momentum Powered Launch

In The Client Prescription, you’ll also learn how to launch your very own prescription – because a bangin’ product flow does you zero good if you can’t get the word out and create momentum for it.

We’ll work on:

  • Boosting Your Visibility
  • Connecting deeper with your future clients
  • Craft Your Two Week -Mini – Launch Plan
TCP - Training 3
Momentum Bonus: Jet Powered Launch Bundle

It doesn’t matter how great your offer is if you can’t build momentum behind it – and when you have an offer you’re ecstatic to get out there, there’s no time to spare. Map out your two week launch plan in one day with this guide, AND have all the tools to know when your launch needs a tweak along the way.

TCP - Jet Power Bundle

Now isn’t the time to be trying to do all the things.

…and it’s also NOT the time to be doing the same things you’ve been doing to grow + scale your business.

It IS the time to focus on allowing your clients’ transformations to energize your business naturally.

It IS the time to create a transformation stream that flows clients into exactly what they need best – with minimal effort from you.

It IS the time to get clear on how to serve deeper…while allowing more free time for yourself.

How do I know this will work for you?

I’ve been using this strategy for years – both for myself AND for my clients.

It’s worked for me. When I ran a marketing agency and worked with million dollar businesses, corporations, and education systems, it worked for them too. And it’s worked for my creative entrepreneur clients – even the ones who didn’t have a lot of time, energy, or money to throw at booking out their business. (Because let’s face it, serving is NOT supposed to be hard.)

Because this isn’t about templating your structure – it’s about creating something truly unique to your business that helps connect with your clients.

Just ONE of those irresistible entry points I mentioned flowed an extra 21K into my first launch of 2020. What could an extra 21K do for you this year?

…. and that’s not even counting additional income from continuing to flow the same clients (ethically!) down their transformation journey into other ways to work together!

My clients and I have used this method to fill everything from group programs to 1:1 to high level masterminds.

Odds are, your clients have already been ASKING for this. It’s just putting the pieces together in a way that serves both you and them.

I truly care about you + your business. (Because that’s what serving IS about!) And I want you to be set up to create the sustainable success you’ve been striving for.

Peek Inside The Client Prescription

You’ll get instant access to…

TCP Square Mockup

✨ Diagnosing Your Client Transformation Stream Training (Value: $297)

The three step process to creating massive client transformation and flow starting with ONE irresistible entry offer.


✨ Fulfilling Your Prescription: The Trifecta of Your Sales Page, Checkout page, + Thank You Page Training (Value: $297)

Step by step walk throughs on what your sales page + other content truly needs to connect (and how to make them work more for you).


✨ A Momentum Powered Launch Training (Value: $297)

The proven signature 3 x 3 launching system that’s brought clients hundreds of thousands in sales.


✨ The Client Prescription Launch Breakdown (Value: $297)

The exact launch flow that I’m using for the introductory launch of The Client Prescription – with annotation to explain the choices I made.


✨ Conversion Checklist Bundle (Value: $47)

Everything you need to get your sales page, checkout page, and thank you page connecting + converting.

✨ Jet Powered Launch Bundle (Value: $111)

The map to launching in as little as two weeks (if you want!)- and the prep to plan it in a day.

Don’t take just my word for it.

Kelli Tompkins

If you need structure to help anchor your mission & vision into reality, The Client Prescription is the first place I’d recommend you begin.


The Client Prescription taught me exactly what I needed to begin scaling my successful offers, & start automating processes so I can be hands-off in systems, & hands on where I thrive—in creative transformations & other inner journeys for healers, makers, mentors & guides.

Kristen gave me what I’ve been desperate for in growing my business securely, sustainably, & successfully: an outlined roadmap, with templates & questions to guide me through creating offers & services that are scalable for every level of my clients needs!

I doubled my income in one month after beginning The Client Prescription process of creating powerful & digestible transformations in honor of serving & connecting with my ideal clients, who align with & support my personal mission & vision.

The Client Prescription gets extra kudos from me for being simple in structure, grounded, & easy to follow.

Kelli Tompkins

Kelli Tompkins

I love that The Client Prescription broke down the components step by step of a successful sales page. It gave me so much to respond to. Seriously life saving.

Anna Rude

The Crystal Clair & Woodland Crystals

Check out these amazing bonuses!

Bonus 1: Pricing To Profit Workshop (Value: $197)

Pricing doesn’t have to be so complicated. I know, sometimes pricing feels like an obscure science that everyone else understands – but we’re going to fix that. Learn my quick to implement Profit Formula, and you’ll be pricing to profit in just moments.

Bonus 2: Quantum Meditation: Turbo Charge Your Visibility (Value: $97)

Visibility isn’t the only thing that grows your business – but it also doesn’t hurt. Shift the energy behind how you show up and how you’re perceived with this quantum meditation designed to get more eyes on you – with less work.

Bonus 3: Energy Alignment + Your Success  (Value: $47)

Not everything works for everyone – and you could keep pushing (WHY?)…or use your energy to the fullest.

Explore these quick shifts you can apply to align your business, your offers, and your marketing in this intro to your business + Human Design.

Let’s talk real for a moment: I know I “should” be charging more for this training.

Clients who work with me 1:1 on creating their irresistible Client Transformation Streams invest at least 10K to help them shift their business foundations.

But…I don’t like shoulds. When someone tells me I should be doing something, that’s usually a sign that it’s not right for me.

I also know that this is exactly what you need right now to get momentum back into your business, and to kick any dusty energy 2020 has stirred up goodbye.

2020 has been WILD – and if there’s ever been a time where your business needs stability, and a clear process for you to move forward without you throwing all your energy into it – it’s NOW.

So, I’m making this a really easy decision for you.

Instead of charging my planned price of $297, while this year is a wild ride of unpredictable and  “unprecedented times” (Are you tired of hearing that too?), I’m making this an easy + irresistible decision at just $47.

That’s less than a month of that fancy funnel software.

Less than take out sushi for two.

And way less than months of going back to the drawing board to figure things out again.

Hi, I’m Kristen.

I work with entrepreneurs who want to make both an impact – and a profit.

I believe that your business should feel safety. I believe that it should be aligned with your personality, your values, and your energy levels. You’re not a cookie cutter – and your business shouldn’t be one either.

Before switching to work with more conscious entrepreneurs, I spent over fifteen years creating + facilitating million dollar marketing strategy, sales funnels, and launch campaigns for companies we’re all familiar with. Launches are my jam. Funnels are my love. But underneath it all, it’s really about two things: connecting with your clients, and creating massive + recognizable transformation for them.

And if we can build it in the way that’s most aligned with your energy? That’s the glue that holds everything all together.

I left the corporate world with a six month old crawling around, a fledging yet booming business, and a whole lot of ideas but no time to do them. If there was a word beyond burned out, hi, that was me.

And of course I was – I was missing the two most important things: alignment, and a Client Transformation Stream! When I shifted to working with my own energy flow, and with a transformation stream – all of a sudden, my business felt like a miracle. We’re made for more than hustling. It’s time to own that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of business is The Client Prescription™ right for?

These philosophies will work for nearly all business types – but this is specifically geared towards service or digital product based businesses.

Does this teach me how to sell?

I strongly believe sales is about connecting with your clients. The Client Prescription helps you begin that process through attracting in clients of a higher alignment (and who are ready to move forward in helping themselves!), and flow them to the next way of working with you. From there, you can keep building stronger relationships with them naturally – no icky sales scripts or tricks required!

I DO teach how to connect with your clients deeper – of all levels! – inside Spellbinding Sales, and how to use quantum energy to connect with them in The Quantum Selling Experience.

Does this only work once?

Nope! You can apply this again and again – and if you want to expand on the momentum you create here, you can always go deeper. (Just give me a shout!)

Do I need ClickFunnels or LeadPages to make this work?

Nope. I rely on good ol’ WordPress personally. You can likely adapt to whatever software you’re already using.

How is this different from other courses and programs?

Other programs may teach you how to create fast revenue streams – but if they’re not focused on what transformation your clients are having, guess what? After you create it, you still have to put beaucoup amounts of effort in to sell it – over and over again.

Do I gain access immediately?

Yup, yup. As soon as you click the button for your prescription, you’ll have full access to everything within 10 minutes.

Do you offer more in depth help?

Of course! Everything you need to move forward is inside The Client Prescription, and if you want direct guidance, there’s opportunities for that as well.

Kelli Tompkins

Before I even finished the lesson on momentum powered launches, it’d already answered SO many things I’ve been unclear on about launching + creating programs that create BIG results.  So good.

Kelci Cannady

Coach, Healer, + Practitioner

Kelli Tompkins

Watching The Pricing to Profit Formula & playing with the formula gives me a really clear focus – I was able to raise my prices immediately!

This is the first time that pricing makes sense to my mind & body. I can physically feel the larger client container I’m creating.

Kristi Lee Serafin

Align With Love

Remember, you’ll receive…

⚡️ Diagnosing Your Client Transformation Stream Training (Value: $297)

⚡️ Fulfilling Your Prescription: The Trifecta of Your Sales Page, Checkout page, + Thank You Page  Training (Value: $297)

⚡️ A Momentum Powered Launch Training (Value: $297)

⚡️ The Client Prescription Launch Breakdown (Value: $297

⚡️ Conversion Checklist Bundle (Value: $47)

⚡️Your Jet Powered Launch Bundle (Value: $111)

⚡️💥Bonus: Pricing To Profit Workshop (Value: $197)

⚡️💥Bonus: Quantum Meditation: Turbo Charge Your Visibility (Value: $97)

⚡️💥Bonus: Energy Alignment + Your Success (Value: $47))

TCP Square Mockup

All this for just $47, right now! (Grab it while you can!)