Month 6

Lesson 2 – Boundaries and Giving Too Much

One of the concerns people ask me a lot: how do you make sure you’re not giving too much away [advice/information/etc] for free?

And I have a lot of feelings about that. Is there such a thing? It turns into a slippery slope pretty quickly. No, you probably don’t want to give all of your insights away for free. (And let’s be honest – if someone is in a sales conversation with you, they likely aren’t in the place to even implement or integrate all of your insights!)

But you also don’t want to slip in the fear based thought of watching every little thing you do to try to make sure you don’t give too much away. Because for one, that’s exhausting. For another, we want to have conversations with clients and prospective clients when we’re on the high end of our energy frequency, not the low end.

How do you find your balance? How do you create healthy boundaries with your prospective clients (and a little bit with your clients)? That’s what we’re diving into today!


Mini Exercise

Take a few deep breaths and feel into your body. Let yourself still entirely.

What does your body feel like when you’re alone and completely in your own space?

Now, envision leading, entirely in your power. What shifts in your body?

Now, think of a situation where you felt like you crossed your boundaries in a sales conversation. Pay close to attention to what shifts in your body. Do you move? Does anything tense? Is there a particular habit that you do? Does a particular phrase slip from your mouth?

Hint: We want to find the physical triggers our bodies makes when our boundaries aren’t being honored, so that we can recognize ourselves in the moment. We may not always be able to recognize our own actions (especially if it’s coming from an undefined center being amplified by someone else!), but we CAN recognize what our body is telling us if we listen to it.

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