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The Epic Content Upgrade Checklist

You’re already writing blog posts – why not make them work for you?

How do you do that? Two words:

Content upgrades

If your readers get to the bottom of the post, you know they’re already interested in the information you’re giving them. They can take action from the information you’ve given them – but what next? Where do they go from here?

It’s your job to direct your readers to the next step – and a content upgrade is the perfect way to do it. They want knowledge + an answer to their problems. You help them do that, look like a rockstar, and show off your expertise. Win, win for everyone right?

You could just toss a form in. But you want one people NOTICE. One they really sign up for. How can you create a content upgrade form that converts? How do you get BIG numbers? How do you grow your mailing list fast?

You focus on the right design – no worries, this checklist will help you out!

Have a separate page for signups? You can pay attention to the ideas here, but also feel free to grab the guide Rock Your Optin for a more specific checklist.

⭐️Do you have a clear headline that explains what they’re getting or what it does for them?

⭐️Do your sub headlines appeal to WHY someone needs this or HOW you’ll make their life easier + better?

⭐️Is there an image of what they get?

⭐️Is your graphic attractive and attention grabbing?

⭐️Do you show the offer in use if possible?

⭐️Do you explain what they get clearly and concisely?

⭐️Do you appeal to the benefits of receiving this offer?

⭐️Is it clear what problems you are solving for your dream client?

⭐️Is it skimmable? Remember, people don’t read everything. Use bullets, bolding, and different colors.

⭐️Does your button use an action word?

⭐️Does your button NOT use the word Send?

⭐️Is your button a color that stands out?

⭐️Location: Does it stand out?

⭐️Does the form align with the content of the page it is located on?

⭐️Do you tell them where to go next?

⭐️Do you send a followup email afterwards with the freebie + an idea where you want them to go next?

Are all your boxes checked? Woop woop! You’ve rocked that content upgrade!