Bonus Lessons

Tapping Into Alignment

This is a slightly different style of tapping, since we’re tapping specifically on alignment and balancing our energy.

Normally I don’t have you tap on specific places and you can follow your own flow. For this one, the specific places are important to go with the wording, so we’re using a gentle double whammy of aligning the intentions with the meridians those energies are most likely going to be stored in.

Notice what feels comfortable to you and what doesn’t. Do any areas hurt when you tap them? Do any particular places just feel odd to tap? Those all likely need more attention of some sort (feel free to let me know what you experience!)

Before we begin:

Note a couple of points that may be new to you.

Ribs/Under boob: This isn’t a spot I’ve shown in videos Basically, come down from your nipples to the rib underneath. This point is linked to both your spleen and liver and really good to use if you’re clearing something from your intuition or your energy body.

Finger points: For all finger points, we tap on the outside corner of the nail.

Pro tip: If you’re somewhere you can’t run through a whole tapping flow but are experiencing an emotion you’d like to release, tap through your fingers! Alternatively you can hold each finger point for three moments.

Gamut points: The gamut point is the soft spot between your little finger and your ring finger. It’s connected to the triple warmer meridian, which holds stress (fight or flight!), as well as dictating how energy/fluids/foods travel through our body. (This meridian moves Qi through the body…and can help with Liver stagnation – something Mani-Gens and Manifestors need to pay attention to!)

Thymus point: Know where you grab your chest when shocked, or clutch your pearls? That’s the thymus point!

Are you left-handed? Feel free to switch which side you do first when we get to the right side/left side directions!

Tap With Me:

Karate Chop Points (Side of Hand): I deeply love and accept myself, even though sometimes my energies get out of balance. I love myself unconditionally, even though sometimes energies get stagnant, and my meridians don’t flow continuously. I deeply and unconditionally love myself, and allow myself, my emotions and my energies to reset with ease.
Repeat on both sides.

Top of Head: I’m ready to anchor in balance into my life and energies.

Eyebrow Points: Releasing any sadness, impatience, or restlessness. I’m always in the right place at the right time. Reclaiming balance, peace, and healing.

Side of Eyes: Releasing frustration, irritability and anger.
Reclaiming compassion with myself and others, clarity, and ease.

Under Eyes: Releasing fear, anxiety, and resentment. Reclaiming security and contentment.

Under nose: Releasing shame. Reclaiming my power. Acknowledging love.

Chin: Releasing confusion and indecision. Reclaiming acceptance and confidence.

Collarbone: Releasing stagnation. Reclaiming momentum. Releasing worries. Reclaiming sovereignty.

Under arms: Releasing guilt, insecurities, and deep rooted emotions. Reclaiming confidence, zen, and compassion.

Ribs/Under boob: Releasing old identities, rage, and bitterness. Reclaiming transformation, acceptance, and joy.

Right karate chop point: Releasing stagnation, sticky energy, and obsession.

Left karate chop point: Reclaiming forward motion, healing, and joy.

Right thumb: Releasing grief, judgement, and negative thought patterns.

Left thumb: Reclaiming acceptance, clear vision, and clarity of heart.

Right index finger: Releasing old patterns, mistakes, and pain

Left index finger: Reclaiming the now, the future, and forgiveness.

Right middle finger: Releasing anger, power plays, and regret

Left middle finger: Reclaiming connection, charity, and acceptance

Right ring finger: Releasing fear, fight or flight, and fatigue.

Left ring finger: Reclaiming deep breaths, perfect harmony, and energetic balance.

Right little finger: Releasing tiny angers, tiny sorrow, and the need to over succeed.

Left little finger: Reclaiming unconditional love for myself and others.

Right gamut point: Releasing old patterns, old beliefs, and worries.

Left gamut point: Reclaiming hope, clarity, and all that can be.

Top of head: Reclaiming balance and alignment.

Thymus point: Reclaiming balance and alignment.

Top of head: Allowing balance and alignment.

Thymus point: Allowing balance and alignment.

Top of head: Anchoring balance and alignment.

Thymus point: Anchoring balance and alignment.

Wrists: And so it is.

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