Month 7 – Spilling the Secrets

Lesson 2: Objections + Energetically Leading Clients Away From Fears

Month 7 Progress




Objectives for This Lesson

1Watch the Client Objections Video
2Grab an SS Sister and have a mock objections call

What do you say if your client has a big BUT?

Nope – not the OMG Becky kind, but the “But I don’t know if I have enough….” to join your program.

The dreaded objection…which doesn’t actually have to be so bad! Objections are often our first real chance to lead someone closer to transformation, and they can provide a lot of insight to how we can truly support them.

So today, we’re going over the three main objections you’re likely going to hear, what they mean, and how to approach them.


“Don’t sell life insurance. Sell what life insurance can do.”

– Ben Feldman

Want to go in deeper?

Here’s some recommended links:


This one is best acted out with someone else – grab a fellow sister from the Facebook group, and have her pick one of the three main objections: time, money, or that she needs to go manifest. (She’s not going to tell what she chooses in advance.)  Walk through how you want to respond, and notice where it feels sticky. This is an entirely safe space to feel free to experiment!

Want some feedback? Record a rendition of the two of you (Zoom works fab for this), and post it in the Facebook group!

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