Integration (Intro) Week

Day 5: Alignment + Mastery

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Objectives for This Lesson

1Listen to the Clearing + Protecting Soul of Business Meditation

So much around creating a positive attraction + sales experience for your clients is really around you stepping forward as a greater leader + facilitator.

Which sounds vague but really is about:

  • client alignment
  • creating healthy + intentional boundaries
  • managing your energy – and the energy of your offers

If you can pinpoint if a client is aligned for you and to what offer, then you can know how to serve them best.

If you can create intentional and clear boundaries with your clients from the start, they’ll feel more supported. (And yes a contract IS part of that boundary -that way they know where their lines are, what to expect, and what not to expect.)

And we can talk about managing your energy and your business’s all day… but here’s a good place to begin.

How many people does your business have contact with a year? How many buy? Consider buying? Talk to you on social media? Follow you on social media?

…and how many of those get cleared away?
How much outside energy is your business shielded from?

Again, it’s hard for you step forward and shine if you don’t have enough energy to shine.

So before we can dive deeper, before you can fully shine, we have to protect your energy – and your business’s energy.

Pop into this soul of the business meditation (surprise you get these too!): The Clearing + Protecting Meditation to remove any negative energy from your business + create a protective barrier to prevent any other unwanted energy from coming in

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