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Get Your Brand Right Checklist

First impressions are everything, right? Well, your first impression is your brand.

Is your brand consistent? Does it make sense? Does it explain who you are?

Use this checklist to see what adds up – and what might need a second look.


⭐️First impressions includes your face! Do you have at least one clear and professional picture to use?

⭐️Do you use the same image everywhere?

⭐️Do you have consistent use of colors, patterns, and symbols?

⭐️From looking at your brand pieces (website, logo, social media images, etc) do the colors and design fit your business?

⭐️Does it feel authentic to you? Would your BFF approve?

⭐️Are you using the right tone of voice for who you talk to?

⭐️Extra: Do you have a tagline that explains what you do and you do do it for?

Social Media

⭐️Do you use the same profile image everywhere?

⭐️Do all your profiles explain what you do, who you do it for, and include something memorable about you?

⭐️Is there a similar feel to your social media images?

⭐️Do you use the same filters consistently?

⭐️Do you only share information that your audience will be interested in?

⭐️Is there a similar style to how you post things like blog posts, images you’ve created, etc?

⭐️Do images you share on social media include either your logo or website URL?

⭐️Is your logo use consistent?

⭐️Is your logo placement consistent?

⭐️When writing out your URL, do you include www or exclude it? What gets capitalized?


⭐️Describe your brand in three words. Do all pieces of design and text match this?

⭐️Does everything feel like you?

⭐️Does everything feel like what you want your business to be?