Month 2 – The Groundwork

Lesson 3: Dream Client Pyramid: Groundwork

Month 2 Progress




Objectives for This Lesson

1Watch the general client pyramid video
2Do the general client pyramid homework

Now that you have your dream client foundation, it’s time to get to know your clients eeeeeven better!

Have you ever wondered why you attract in clients who are in particular places? And why you can’t seem to attract higher level clients? It’s alllll about your Dream Client Pyramid.

In this lesson, I’m taking you through a unique process that I go through to help me connect with my clients better. We’re talking about the Dream Client Pyramid! There’s three levels of the Pyramid – but we’re going to be starting off, focusing solely on the foundation of your pyramid: groundwork clients. 


It’s time for you to start with the foundations of your very own client pyramid! Ready to dive in?

Click the button below to grab your homework – Don’t forget to copy it to your Google Drive!

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