Month 5 – Let’s Make a Sale

Lesson 3: Cash Infusions – Groundwork Offer

Month 5 Progress




Objectives for This Lesson

1Watch the Cash Infusion: Groundwork Offer Video
2Do the Cash Infusion Homework

It’s time for a cash infusion! This cash infusion is speaking directly to your groundwork clients – so you can start creating a solid foundation in calling in clients, and build momentum as we call in higher and higher levels of clients.


It’s time to plan (and do!) your first groundwork cash infusion!

Remember: your offer needs to say the following:

    • Who your offer is for
    • What they’re currently experiencing + how it’s different from what they WANT to experience
    • What the structure of your offer is → How do they get the transformation? How long does it take? How are they guided or supported along the way? How do they get unblocked from where they are?
    • What transformation they can expect → how will their problem get solved? How will their life/biz/relationship/family/etc improve?
    • How to buy the offer!
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