Month 11 – Getting Personal 

Lesson 3: Cash Infusion: Crown Level!

It’s time for a cash infusion! This cash infusion is speaking directly to your crown clients – so you can keep building that apex over and over again!


It’s time to plan (and do!) your first crown cash infusion!

Remember: your offer needs to say the following:

    • Who your offer is for – and who it’s NOT
      • What have they outgrown?
    • What they’re currently experiencing + how it’s different from what they WANT to experience
      • How can you speed their process up?
      • How will this/you make their life easier?
    • What the structure of your offer is → How do they get the transformation? How long does it take? How are they guided or supported along the way? How do they get unblocked from where they are?
    • What transformation they can expect → how will their problem get solved? How will their life/biz/relationship/family/etc improve?
    • Why are you the right person to help them go through this transformation?
    • What have others achieved by this experience, or by working with you? What client success stories can you tell?
    • How to buy the offer!
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