Month 8 – Client Alignment

Lesson 3: Cash Infusion – Core

Month 8 Progress




Objectives for This Lesson

1Watch the Core Cash Infusion Video
2Plan out your core cash infusion!

It’s time for a cash infusion! This cash infusion is speaking directly to your core clients – so you can keep up the momentum in calling in clients, and create a more solid place to keep building from. 


It’s time to plan (and do!) your first core cash infusion!

Remember: your offer needs to say the following:

  • Who your offer is for
    • What might they have outgrown? What would be too basic for them? Why do they need more than a super simple offer?
  • What they’re currently experiencing + how it’s different from what they WANT to experience
    • What might they have tried in the past?
  • What the structure of your offer is → How do they get the transformation? How long does it take? How are they guided or supported along the way? How do they get unblocked from where they are?
    • How do you keep them moving forward when other things they’ve tried might not?
  • What transformation they can expect → how will their problem get solved? How will their life/biz/relationship/family/etc improve?
  • How to buy the offer!
  • Testimonials from others you’ve worked with or others who have experienced this offer.
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