Bean Jar Attraction Ritual

Someone asked for a ritual for bringing clients in….so, here’s a little lovely I’ve been using regularly this year as a wealth + gratitude anchor.

✔️ a jar (mine’s an old pickle jar 😂)
✔️ a green taper candle
✔️ beans mixture/lentils
✔️ favorite money oils
✔️ anything else that represents money/wealth/attraction to you

Fill your jar with beans or lentils, and as they drop in, focus on wealth + money flowing into your life AND the gratitude you have for what is currently presently in your life. Feel yourself drop into your heart, and connect that energy to the jar. (Feel free to add money herbs if it feels good – I can’t remember what’s in this one, probably fennel seed, basil, and some other things.)

I like to rub oil (when in doubt: bergamot, orange + jasmine are my go tos) down the candle + the outside of the jar (to bring it in), while again focusing gratitude for what will be coming into your life. You can also just add a couple drops underneath where the candle will be.

Drop the taper candle in, and speak out loud if possible what you’re asking to bring in. Ask for the help of God/Goddess/Deities/Ancestors/Spirit Guides/Universe – whatever feels right to you.

Once the taper candle burns down, I light a tea light on mine weekly as focused gratitude for what’s coming into my life, and what I currently have. 🙏🏼

🌟 As with any ritual, feel free to adjust to make it your own – the emphasis here is GRATITUDE so we can receive more. So a piece of this doesn’t connect to that theme for you, that’s okay! Just do what feels right.

(Want to see what this looks like? Here’s a picture of my bean jar.)

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