Welcome to Spellbinding Sales!


I’m so excited to dig in deep, turn on your attraction powers, and deepen your confidence in sharing your gifts in the world.

If you’re here, it’s because I believe in you and what you’re here to do immensely, and I KNOW the world needs you in it.

Here’s to making selling…and business magical! ✨



Modules + Lessons

Start Here!

It’s time to dive in and get started with Spellbinding Sales. But before you check out the months below, start with the Intro Week module. 


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Call Recordings


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Get Acquainted

Looking to track your course progress? Just click the image to the left, and you’re good to go!

Did you know that you have a My Account area all set up for you? It’s true! You can even change your credit card there, check on your supscriptions and payments, and track your progress across all the Starlit programs you’re enrolled in. (Cool, huh?)

You can head to your profile by scrolling up to the top menu and clicking “My Profile”. Want to know how to use your profile? Check out the resources below.