Month 3 – Calling In Clients

Lesson 1 – Calling in Clients With Signifiers

One of my favorite ways of getting to explore future clients is with signifiers. At this point, they’re pretty much a mandatory part of my business.

Today I’m sharing all the different ways I use signifiers in my business – including all the ways I use them to attract in clients, and get clear on what they truly need. We’ll be building off this in future lessons to talk about how to include these in both tangible and more esoteric practices, but let’s lay the foundation! 

“The cards give you images and symbols to focus your vague intentions and transform them into action. Your will is the magic. In other words, you are the magic. If you can create something in your heart and then act on it to make it happen, that is magic. Very simple, very straightforward—no witches, no spells, and no broomsticks.” 
― Theresa Francis-Cheung



Find some quiet space, create your sacred space, and get ready to explore your own signifiers. Yes, you can do this – and yes, your intuition will give you what you need to know. 

If you feel really stuck, make some tea (peppermint is good for focus, but I really like rose for opening up my intuition), do the quantum clearing we’ve done before, and then step into the fun. 

Feel free to share your signifiers with me personally or in the Facebook group!

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