Quantum Selling Experience Day 3

Working From the Heartspace

If you’re anything like me, you have a million ideas of what you can create for your clients (can we say classic Mani-Gen problems?). But how do you know what’s actually aligned with your audience right now, versus what’s just a great idea?

Since you can tap into the energy of specific future clients in the heartspace, why not explore what is the specific one that can resonate with them? (Or even the specific one that they’re already soul contracted to?) It’s often easier to see where the energy is already going, or wants to go, rather than trying to shift energy to move in a completely different direction.

In today’s quantum work, we’re going to:

  • explore the top ways your energy is open to support your clients right now
  • see which offer structure (or product!) is best going to provide your clients the transformation they desire
  • discover any tweaks you can make to make it most aligned with your future clients

Ready? Let’s go!


With the information from the heartspace, take a look at all the ways you serve – what are you ready to release? What are you ready to bring in?

Tap into why your clients need the transformation that was given to you right now. What are 13 ways your client can be changed and affected by this offer? EACH one of these is something to speak on separately.

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