Month 1 – Starting Fresh

Anchoring It All In

Hooray! You’ve finished The Quantum Selling Experience!


…so now what?


It’s human nature to ask where to direct our energy next once we complete something – so I won’t leave you hanging!

First off, know that you can come back to these quantum meditations at any point – they’ll continue to work deeper for you as you do.

You may already have some ideas from the questions from yesterday where your energy could use a little bit more support.

If your energy is asking you to increase the amount of times you’re selling a week, then it’s time to explore how you can do that in a way that feels good. Is there a way you can do that that doesn’t feel like selling – that just feels like bringing clients aboard the energetic pathways to your offer?

If your energy is asking you to showcase your power/message more, then first you’ve got to get crystal clear what that LOOKS like. What things can you do to give people a taste of that? (The quantum work may have given you some hints around that – especially in the tapping into your offers day!) What are fun ways to speak your truth? 


Now…were there any particular days that you had a big reaction to? This could be a positive reaction OR a more negative reaction, like resistance. Because if so, that’s a sign that your energy may need to focus on that particular pillar a little more. (More on the pillars below!)

Start by simply reworking that day’s quantum work. (It’s okay if you want to give yourself a few days in between this round and doing the deeper work – your body may need a rest!)

After that, you can dive into that specific pillar to focus on supporting it.

#Recap – What were the pillars we followed here?


The Quantum Selling Experience was designed following the pillars of Spellbinding Sales, approaching both the practical side of our business, and the energetic side – because they both have to be in alignment to create real results.

1. Clearing

Because you can’t create new results when you’re starting on the same rocky foundation. (Yes, I’m still using house analogies here!). Everything starts with clearing the old patterns + beliefs…and the energetic residue that’s left behind in our physical body.

Support by: Quantum work, EFT, Oil Diffusing, Mindset Journaling


2. Connecting To Your Clients

Everything starts with where your clients is RIGHT now – not where you want them to be. You have to know your client energetically to be able to truly serve them – and knowing them helps tap into exactly who’s there when you go to call them in.

Support by: Tangibly, by getting to know your clients better – and what they need at all levels of working with you. Are they getting stuck because there’s no flow? Or because you need to understand what they truly need more?


3. Crafting Aligned Offers

If your offers aren’t aligned with who’s energetically showing up already, everything gets a step or too more complicated.

When we create offers from our head, we’re guessing what people need. Instead, let’s create based on the actual energy coming to you – and how your business is asking you to serve. (Who knows better than your business after all?)

Support byChecking in with your Human Design which of your offers are aligned with your strategy (because they won’t EVER be aligned if you created them from misalignment), Researching offer structures, Deepening your work connecting with clients


4. Calling In Aligned (And Ready!) Clients

The fun part, right? Once you’ve done the above, it’s so much easier to call in clients – and call in the ones who are truly aligned for you and your offers. The ones that feel the pull to work with you. The ones who keep coming back, KNOWING they’re supposed to work with you.

Support byGetting connected with your SERVICE – it’s not about the money, it’s about serving people, and if the money is the first thought, there’s already a block around calling people in. After that, it’s time to dig into what the energy beliefs here are – do you not think you’re ready to receive clients? Are you not worthy? Do you not have enough energetic space? Is it resetting an old pattern?


5. Ethical + Powerful Sales Conversation

Once you’ve called them in, it’s time to lead them to what serves them the best – which means you have to stay in your power, and in your own ethical sphere (which is different for each person – but knowing your own boundaries helps!).

Support byFocus on growing your leadership and/or facilitation skills, understanding the strategy behind sales conversations, and creating your own method to lead people through sales calls. (Think of it like a road trip – it’s SO much easier to get to the end destination if you know all the mile markers along the way.)

I also really like Radiant Goddess oil from Goddess Flower Blends – I’ve been using this one a lot lately before sales conversations, and live videos!


6. Mastering Your Own Energy

⚡️Witchslap: it’s hard to sell what you’re not confident in. ⚡️

If you don’t know why someone needs your work, they’re not going to know either. It’s also hard to lead people (both to the sales conversation AND to transformation) if there’s a piece of you that feels like it’s walking in shoes that are just a few sizes too big.

If you’re here, I know you’re here to help people create big transformation. To do that deeply, you have to understand your own energy, and be anchored into both your energy and your purpose.

Support by: Sacral chakra work, Solar chakra work, Focus on growing your leadership and/or facilitation skills, Focus on understanding what you do clearly – this piece you could explore through Human Design, astrology, or tons of other ways!

Want to dive in deeper into the pillars?

Hi, I’m Kristen and I’d LOVE to go deeper with you. 😂

(Pictured behind that oh so fun selfie is my infamous client board – one of my favorite client attraction methods!)

Were your main pillars of focus 1-5?

If so, Spellbinding Sales could be aligned for you to help you focus on BOTH the energy + strategic action pieces of each pillar.

Was 6 (Mastering Your Energy) your main pillar of focus?

If so, exploring your Mentor Message through Human Design may be what’s most aligned for you. Feel free to reach out to me via email or Voxer to chat about this – or fill out the SS form, and mention that this may be more your thing. 

Either way, all of these pillars are taught more thoroughly in Spellbinding Sales – a year long sisterhood to help you realign the energy of your business + actions, and create MOMENTUM around them. There’s quantum work, Human Design, Biz Magic Reiki™, strategy (I AM a marketing nerd after all), and so much support.

The doors open next on January 24th, 2020 – but if you claim your spot before then, you’ll receive support before we even begin.

Curious if it’s aligned for you? Fill out the little application form below and we can explore it together.

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