Quantum Selling Experience Day 6

Owning the Power of Your Magic + Service

Are you owning the magnitude of what you’re here to do?

For so many of us, the lesson that we’re here to learn in this lifetime is that we can be powerful. To release the witch wounds, the past life ties, the conditioning that’s kept us small, and to allow our energy to truly have the biggest impact on others.

Which gets…a little scary from time to time. Growth is supposed to be scary. It’s supposed to stir up the shadows, so we can shine light on it – but we don’t need to do it alone.

In today’s quantum work, we’re going to do something really special – activate the energy of your own purpose + gifts.

I’ll confess – I love quantum activations, but I have to place boundaries on how often I do them. They’re extremely potent, which means it can be a LOT of energy for my body to move. Be gentle on yourself with this one, trust the energy, and come back to it several times if needed. You’ll get something different each time, and it will absolutely start shifting things on a deep level.


What do you do after an activation?

  1. Rest + rehydrate
  2. Integrate 

And then….reflect on where you are + what you’re willing (and ready!) to change now that energy is shifting. Let’s start by observing your normal actions without judgement.

How many times on an average day are you asking or inviting someone into a sale?

That could be :

  • educating through a live/post/blog/etc and then pointing them to what you do that connects
  • simply posting a sales post
  • reconnecting with a past client
  • messaging someone to check in on what they support they need
  • doing an Instagram story –
  • …basically anything that directs people to how to work with you – and ideally, makes it clear why they connect with this + why this is for them


How many times on an average day are you showing up around your gifts + power?

If you’re a confidence coach, that means sharing with us what that looks like. Giving tips on how to shift that energy – and calling out why we’re so often disconnected from it. 

If you’re an astrologer, that means showing us how what’s currently happening in the stars is affecting us personally. (Or maybe even how what’s happened in the past DID affect us!)

If you’re a novelist, that means connecting us to some of the core elements of your book and speaking up on it.  Maybe that’s talking about your genre and bringing people into the energy that way. Maybe that’s doing a podcast with short episodes of thrilling stories or who done its. 

If you sell crystal candles, that means educating people on the power of using these in different ways in their life – ritual, energy shifting, intention setting, etc – and walking them through the process. 

(And with all of these, you’re going to have your OWN individual legacy message to flavor this, but I’m speaking in broad terms here!) 

So often we shy away from what we do. 


Now that you have an idea of number, it’s time to ask yourself a few more questions. (It’s okay to do this tomorrow, if you need space!)

⭐️How do you feel about these number?

⭐️Does it feel energetically supportive of your business?

⭐️What would it feel like to increase how often you ask for sales?

⭐️What would it feel like to decrease how often you ask for sales?

⭐️If you were increasing it, what else would you do?

⭐️Are there other ways to ask for the sale, or invite someone into an offer that could feel good?

⭐️What would it feel like to increase how often you show up around your power?

⭐️What would it feel like to decrease how often you show up around your power?

⭐️Are there messages related to your gifts/power that you’re being called to speak up on?

⭐️Are there other messages that you’re being called to speak up on…but aren’t yet?


We’ll talk a little more about what to DO with these numbers tomorrow – after all, integration is key. 

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