Quantum Selling Experience Day 1

Intro to Quantum Work

I’m so excited to be spending the next six days with you. Get ready for magic, so many energy shifts, and doing business a little differently.

The energetic process we’ll be following is the staple of my signature selling program:

  • Clearing first (today!) so that everything is being built on a solid + steady foundation
  • Connecting to your clients on a soul level and attuning to what they truly need form you
  • Tapping into the most aligned offer that will serve your clients where they are right now…not where you think they are, or where you want them to be
  • Calling in clients who are already aligned + waiting
  • Activating your unique gifts + amplifying your confidence and mastery around them

If you’ve never done quantum work, you’re in for a treat. This is my favorite way to shift energy. So often when we do energetic work, we’re working with only our physical body here on Earth…but we’re made of so much more.

Science has proven (but not fully able to understand yet) how we have a field of energy outside our body. What if we could tap into that toroidal field and shift our reality from outside of ego, outside of our preconceived conceptions, outside of all the conditioning you’ve experienced, outside of all your limits.

Like any energy work, it responds differently to each person. If you feel extremely tired after a session, amp up your self care, and take some recovery time before heading into the next one.


Everything starts with intentions, right?. After doing the clearing, I want you to grab a piece of paper, index card, post it note, whatever – and write down your clear sales intentions for the next 30 days.

Check in with your gut: they should feel:

  • at ease with your energy
  • obtainable – if you’re questioning if you can ever reach that goal, it’s probably coming from somewhere like ego, self-sabotage methods, or the pressure to succeed

Place them somewhere where you’ll see them daily. (I do next to my Macbook with a citrine or amethyst on top usually.)

Bonus points: get creative and share them with your community. Maybe you want to do a monthly IG story intention post, or throw a Pinterest vision board planning with your clients. (I LOVE doing these!) How can you make them excited about your intentions + about setting their own?

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