Quantum Selling Experience Day 2

Future Client Heart Connection

Welcome to Day Two!

Here’s a secret: most of us skip past this step when we’re starting to work with clients, and creating new offers. We think we know what our clients want and need…and to some degree, we do.

But that final bit? Is just us trying to tell them what we need instead of meeting them exactly where they are.

So instead, let’s serve our clients by meeting them where they are. Let’s tap into where they are right now – what they know, what they don’t know, and start building those energetic connections to them.

In today’s quantum work, we’re going to:

  • connect to your future clients
  • tap into where they’re truly needing support right now
  • and anchor in energetic pathways for them to easily flow into your business


It’s one thing to know where your clients are energetically – but you also have to actually use that information! It’s time to write a post speaking directly to clients using the information you gained when checking in with them – what did you discover that you needed .


  • What do you know about where they are?
  • How do you know they can shift out of this? How do you relate?
  • What experience do you have with where they are?
  • What needs to happen for them to shift?

There’s an example below – feel free to use it as a template to guide you if you get stuck.



I know you feel exhausted. Like every time you start getting traction, something happens and things go off the tracks. Like it’s impossible to find enough time to get everything done, and take care of your body. You’re tired. And you’re tired of being tired – mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

I know this because….

But I promise, it can be different. I know this because I used to be you. And SO many of my clients used to be you. And I’ve watched them shift out of it.

Here’s the thing – you’ve been focusing on the WRONG thing. Everyone’s been telling you that you have to be consistent. That you have to show up all the time. That you have to do all the right marketing moves. Buy all the tools. Learn all the things. Work until you hit that consistent six figure mark, and then you can think about a vacation.

But you can be doing all the right things…and still not be getting to where you want to be. You can spend thousands on Facebook ads, or a funnel expert and still not get there. You can show up daily. You can write posts and emails and blogs until your hands fall off. But if your energy isn’t aligned with your actions, it doesn’t really matter how strong your strategy is.

And I know this because I AM someone that people pay thousands to create successful sales funnels. I have over a decade of high level launch + funnel experience, and I’ve been the brain behind many a multimillion dollar marketing campaign. And I see a drastic difference in success when that funnel is created based on your Human Design, vs just trying to hit all the marketing standards.

You could do all the work…or you could start with alignment. Which is it going to be?

Note: You don’t have to post this yet, if you don’t want to – but you’ll definitely be posting something by the end of our six days!

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