Quantum Selling Experience Day 5

Creating a Sales Vortex to Charge Your Conversations

What’s your energy like when you step into a sales conversation?

Is it filled with joy? Concern? Doubt? Stress about getting it right + doing all the right things?

If you know your Human Design, you may have some inklings about areas where you may be prone to other people’s energy, or the tendency to prove your worth or doubt yourself. (And if you don’t know your HD, now’s the time to explore that! I talk about it so much – check out the FB group for a starting place!) But even if you’re super defined, things can stir up and flow in. (I can attest to that – I only have two centers open!)

You want to say the right things. You want to express yourself, while also honoring the other person’s boundaries. That’s a LOT to be thinking about. And if you’re following someone’s sales script (please don’t!), that just adds to the pressure.

Instead, what if you could anchor your energy into yourself + your purpose beforehand, and let that expand around you to create a vortex that automatically attracts in the people who are aligned with it?

What if it didn’t matter what specifically you said, because you’re so tapped into yourself that your intuition can guide you?

What if your energy did as much “work” as you did…if not more?

THAT is what we’re creating here – your own magnetic sales vortex.

In today’s quantum work, we’re going to:

  • clear your energy from anything preventing you from receiving
  • amplify your receiving
  • create a magnetic high vibe sales vortex around you so you can step into sales conversations with ease

This one is one of my little secrets – and you won’t believe the shifts you’ll see afterwards!

Hint: Feel free to come back to this one before writing content, hopping on a live/recording a video, or getting into a sales conversation.


This one’s special homework, as it’s both energy + strategy!

Tap into the offer you’re most connected to right now. Once you tapped in, grab a notebook, let your mind clear, and then write down three gushing testimonials from future clients. Let whatever comes to the surface flow – even if that’s names, type of business they have, little details about what they achieved…whatever flows out is important. 

Once you’re done writing, take a few deep breaths and envision light coming down from the sun or moon. It flows through your crown chakra, down through your third eye,  through your third eye, through your throat, through your heart, and out ONE hand (I usually use left, although tradition actually says you non-dominant hand is better for receiving) into the testimonials on the page or screen. 

Once those love notes feel like they’ve soaked up all the energy you’re feeding in, an arc is going to form from them to your OTHER hand, letting that energy flow back in your body, connecting you to all the ways you’ll be serving these women + the energy of women who need this. This energy is going to keep flowing down through your solar plexus, through your sacral, through your root, and then anchor firmly into the ground, planting your seeds with power and love.

Take a few deep breaths and send any residual energy into the ground. You may want to clap a few times to help this process + keep your vibration clear. And it is done!

Now that you’ve done the energy piece:

Reflect back on what information came through when you were writing the testimonials. Pick just ONE of the areas that came through that you were helping someone with, and think of three different small pieces of information you can share around that topic.

So – for example, if in the testimonial it mentions that you helped someone with their product launch, it’s time to start educating on launching and building an energetic pathway to your offer based on that concept. You could do a case study on a client’s launch, share a post with three mistakes people make during launch season, or do a live Q&A where you revamp people’s launches. (Or tons of other things! – The important part is that you get visible for something the energy is already going to!)


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