Quantum Selling Experience Day 4

Calling in Clients

If you’ve been waiting eagerly for when you actually call in clients, woohoo, we’re here!

Calling in clients is one of my favorite ways to work with energy. Especially as business owners, everything we do should be calling in clients – but sometimes we forget to work with the energy that we’re calling in.

If you were calling in more clients regularly, how would you feel? How would your business look? If you were open to receiving more, what would shift if your business?

It doesn’t matter HOW visible you are, if you’re not open to receiving – or if you’re still keeping people waiting in the periphery. (Which is why SOLELY focusing on visibility is never the place to truly start.)

If you want to call in more clients, this one’s for you.

If you feel like there’s always people waiting in your periphery, this one’s for you.

In today’s quantum work, we’re going to:

  • magnetize ourselves to receiving
  • call in clients and bring them forward into our energy


Before we talk about homework – make sure you’ve integrated before moving into this. Seriously! It’s okay- and often much more necessary than we think – to give yourself space.

Now that you’re charged up to attract and more easily receive clients, let’s make it extra easy for clients to flow in. It’s time to start thinking about how you can open up the doors of connection from your end. How can you reach out to at least two members of your community that you haven’t personally chatted with before and forge a connection? (Energetically, one connection leads to many.) Ask them how they are, what they’re struggling with….and just simply get to know them!

Do this in the way that feels most aligned – you can simply message people that respond a lot to you, run a gratitude giveaway, or drop the link for some free connection calls. 


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