Month 5 Group Calls

Missed this month’s group call? You can catch the replay below! 

July 15th Group Call

Text chat from the call:

14:01:11 From Pam December : hi!!
14:01:18 From Karla Mejia : Hi !!
14:03:11 From Pam December : impromptu salt clearing 🤭
14:03:46 From Helena Grant : Hi!! I’m here but my bandwidth isn’t strong enough for video 🙂
14:03:55 From Pam December : omg Kristen 🤣
14:05:44 From Pam December : I’m just here to lend support 😃
14:06:03 From Kristen Jett : What’s your biggest win(s) of the last month?

⭐️ What’s one thing that has shifted for you?

⭐️ What’s one thing you want support with today?
14:06:39 From Kelli Tompkins : hi! I’m here for support but I can be ready to go if there’s time and space too!! play it by time-ear
14:07:34 From Pam December : sounds wonderful Helena!
14:08:55 From Kelli Tompkins : good job Helena that sounds like some good shifts and some good progress
14:10:02 From Karla Mejia : i forget what i wore the previous days too
14:10:35 From Kristen Jett : I keep a notes doc for when I record lessons lol
14:11:22 From Pam December : what about dropping a hint Monday?
14:13:26 From Kelli Tompkins : morning anxiety was definitely one of my biggest struggles w/ corporate jobs… getting dressed, getting out of the house on time, making sure nothing had stains or holes bc i’d wake up w/ 15 minutes to get dressed and drive 15 minutes away … ugh the worst
14:14:37 From Karla Mejia : lol kelli i know!! me too
14:29:30 From Pam December : 💜💜💜 Raechelle
14:32:36 From Helena Grant : dredge up shit
14:32:40 From Helena Grant : in order to SHIFT
14:48:09 From Safra Turner-Granot : How fun!
14:48:55 From Shelly Petersen : I love it <3 14:50:33 From Safra Turner-Granot : Ive given up on it too. 14:51:09 From Pam December : sporadically when I have the energy 🤷🏽‍♀️ 14:52:52 From Safra Turner-Granot : Really?! Only 1x per month? I can so handle that! 14:55:42 From Kelli Tompkins : yeah Safra, twice if you want to get crazy 🙂 14:58:44 From Kelli Tompkins : You could try asking your audience too! 14:58:54 From Kelli Tompkins : sometimes the audience likes to get involved in things like that? 14:59:32 From Raechelle Embrey : Me neither:) lol— though, I am almost done. Corporate are done, but not personal. Did you file an extension? It gives you through October without fees:) 15:01:15 From Kelli Tompkins : Hiring a tax person was easily one of the best decisions I ever made for myself <3 15:01:57 From Raechelle Embrey : hire someone! I don’t do anything business wise. 15:02:50 From Pam December : bc 15:03:11 From Raechelle Embrey : Can you send your template? 15:03:29 From Helena Grant : I’d love to see the template too! 15:04:09 From Shelly Petersen : I’m from an accounting background - I used to do my own bookkeeping and taxes - and the first thing I did when I went into my business full time I hired my mom (who’s done business taxes for years) to do my books and taxes haha 15:04:54 From Shelly Petersen : hiding from the audit won’t STOP the audit 15:04:55 From Helena Grant : Haha, shelly that’s amazing 15:05:06 From Pam December : I have a bookkeeping background too & loath it lol 15:05:43 From Safra Turner-Granot : I have something to add to this 15:06:05 From Helena Grant : I heard recently about a woman with a housecleaning business who hires someone to clean her house 15:06:57 From Raechelle Embrey : Really? Interesting? 15:07:16 From Helena Grant : that’s so interesting - I always get an extension and file in October 15:07:41 From Safra Turner-Granot : Yeah, I thought so too, Helena! 15:07:42 From Raechelle Embrey : If you get audited and the taxes are done- is there an issue? 15:09:11 From Raechelle Embrey : If your taxes are done correctly then, it wouldn’t matter? 15:09:34 From Kristen Jett : If everything is done right, then it’s just the hassle of finding all the receipts/etc. 15:11:21 From Raechelle Embrey : Does anyone have recommendations for one? I would love to find someone to help with some things. 15:12:33 From Safra Turner-Granot : <3 <3 <3 15:13:05 From Kelli Tompkins : ask Kristen’s group! 15:13:21 From Raechelle Embrey : I don’t need local:) 15:16:31 From Karla Mejia : sending u a hug shelly!! I got to run now but thank you for everything xoxo 15:17:15 From Safra Turner-Granot : The balancewill come, Shelly. This is a new transition <3 I love you. 15:17:37 From Helena Grant : Maybe different doors are opening 15:18:10 From Safra Turner-Granot : Thats so smart! 15:18:24 From Kelli Tompkins : in the middle of 2 eclipses… the chaos boar breaks things apart so we can make space for something new <3 sending you love through it all 15:19:55 From Kelli Tompkins : is there a way to create thicker energetic boundaries to help you get through the day? meditate at lunch? 15:19:58 From Raechelle Embrey : How long have you been working on your business? 15:21:05 From Helena Grant : Maybe when you take on the new position you can work from home? 15:21:18 From Raechelle Embrey : How many clients do you take each week? Will your new job allow you to cut back a day or 1/2 day at a time as your new business picks up? 15:21:30 From Kelli Tompkins : can you work on biz. at the job? 15:22:12 From Helena Grant : You are in the THROES of it all 15:23:08 From Raechelle Embrey : I feel like there is something that you aren’t seeing here or that isn’t clear for you because you are being really hard on yourself, also rightfully so, you took this job because you had to financially. You have a lot that you are going through and in the thick of it. 15:24:17 From Raechelle Embrey : Financially, as you get business, you will be able to cut back that 5th day:) 15:24:39 From Raechelle Embrey : Ironic, I was just hearing to tell you to focus on creating content and give yourself a few weeks off of sessions. 15:25:42 From Helena Grant : And maybe the session with clients could be re-structured so that aren’t LIVE but you record something for them?? They could be like mini-sessions? Instead of a full hour? Then they get voxer access? 15:25:45 From Raechelle Embrey : Could you write about what you are learning? Energy management? Boundaries? Transitions? 15:26:55 From Raechelle Embrey : I agree with Kristin—write about your healing process 15:27:26 From Kelli Tompkins : also write about wanting to be there for your son ? <3 15:28:29 From Raechelle Embrey : You don’t have to tell your audience what you are going through with the job transition, but more of your healing process. Getting out of the darkness- 15:28:35 From Helena Grant : We are all sending you soooooo much love shelly!!! 15:28:51 From Helena Grant : HANG IN THERE 15:29:07 From Pam December : 💗 15:29:18 From Helena Grant : this is uncomfortable and hard as shit but there’s so much here for you - on every level 15:29:21 From Helena Grant : just trust 15:30:09 From Raechelle Embrey : Yes, big energetic hug Shelly:). Reach out if you need any other support. I have been there where you are mentally and emotionally. Holding space for you and I trust that you will be guided through this. There is more for you here:) 15:30:26 From Safra Turner-Granot : <3 15:30:38 From Shelly Petersen : Thank you all so much ladies - I appreciate you 15:31:27 From Raechelle Embrey : We appreciate you:) 15:32:20 From Kelli Tompkins : Very cool!! 15:36:31 From Kelli Tompkins : I can help you with the branding and grounding your words into reality 🙂 15:37:48 From Safra Turner-Granot : 2500$ 15:38:11 From Safra Turner-Granot : 277$ 15:38:14 From Safra Turner-Granot : monthly 15:38:33 From Raechelle Embrey : Do you have a website that I could look at this? 15:39:15 From Safra Turner-Granot : This program isnt yet up on my website, which is not useable anyways at the moment :/ 15:40:24 From Safra Turner-Granot : 15:51:16 From Helena Grant : If Ardelia doesn’t want to do it I have a really really REALLY wonderful website person. 15:51:18 From Pam December : Niki does websites too 15:51:34 From Pam December : 😎 15:54:54 From Pam December : yes a post series 15:55:12 From Safra Turner-Granot : Thank you, Helena and Pam! 15:56:26 From Pam December : yw Safra! 15:57:19 From Pam December : love the storyboard! 15:58:49 From Pam December : bye all! have a great weekend! 15:58:54 From Safra Turner-Granot : LOL 15:59:01 From Helena Grant : bye! 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