Month 5 

Lesson 2 – Is That Client Even Aligned With You?

How do you know if a client is actually aligned for a program or not?

Alignment is more than simply can someone afford to work with you or not – it’s the whole package. Are they right for this particular program? Are they aligned with your methods? Is their energy right to be in your field? 

In today’s lesson, we’ll be going over both the energetic check-ins, and the tangible things to look for to see whether someone is or isn’t aligned for you. 


Text Lesson: How To Know If That Client Is Aligned To Work With You Or Not

Chances are if you’re here, you’ve heard me mention once or twice

So, how do you trust that a client is someone you want to commit to working with and invest your energy in?

When we begin working with someone, it’s just that – a commitment. And like any other relationship, it’s important to make sure it’s entirely in alignment. (More so than just the alignment of our bank account increasing!)

Why do we want to make sure our clients are truly in alignment with what we’re offering?

  • So we can place them in the right program/offer
  • So you’re only working with people who you enjoy working with.
  • To prevent energetic drains
  • So we know we’re the right person to lead them
  • So the energy of one person doesn’t negatively affect our group, or our business


The Spiritual Ways To Discern Alignment


We’ve talked about these a lot – but it truly can be a helpful piece of the puzzle.

If someone matches a signifier for the program and all of the highest energy traits, you know they’re right to work with you, AND right for that program.

I’ll confess – I’ve grown to trust signifiers over my brain, with that only caveat of they have to be a high energy level of the signifier.


Tarot/Oracle Read

I personally typically only do these if someone is hopping on the phone with me – I don’t always have the energy (or space on my calendar) to do a ton of sales calls, and if I’m committing an hour of my time to you, I want to ensure that you’re ready enough that I want to check in on our energy together. (For comparison’s sake – I had two video sales conversations for the February 2019 round of Spellbinding Sales.)

I do a three-card read using an oracle deck or tarot deck. (At this point, it’s often the Sacred Creators Oracle.) I ask where their biz is now, where it wants to be, and what their biggest challenge is now.

If I don’t get clear reads, I know that their biz isn’t open to me, and it can be a clear indicator that they’re not the right client.

If I get a lot of info about someone or their biz, then it’s typically a sign that we’re supposed to work together in some way.



You could do these on their own, but I prefer to use the pendulum as a second step so my head doesn’t get in the way – and it’s often a way to get more information. So, I’ll use the pendulum after looking at signifiers or oracle cards.

I start with the traditional show me yes/show me no to make sure I’m allowed to ask questions. And then:

  • Am I supposed to work with this person?
  • Are they supposed to be in this program?
    • If it doesn’t give you a clear answer, it can be that the timing isn’t right or that you need to learn more or there’s some resistance – either they have resistance to you or you have resistance to them.
    • It doesn’t necessarily mean that’s bad. It just means that you need to be aware of what’s coming up for you or the other person that may cause problems.
  • Are there any blocks preventing them from being right for this program?
  • Are there any blocks preventing them from easily flowing into this program?
  • Can I help them through this block?


Quantum Check-ins!

Close your eyes and enter the heart space. See if you can connect with their higher self. Sometimes you may get a slap in the face or it may be hazy and not feel good to do. If you connect, feel free to ask questions to see what you need to know.

You may want to do this again after the call and see what’s changed. Are you connecting better? Does the energy feel clearer? Does anything feel murky?

Note: check in with your own energy. If you get out of a conversation with someone and then need to go nap, this maaaaay not be someone you want to work with because they could be draining you. It’s at least something to dig into. Were you not shielding? Do they have lots of energetic cords? Will they be the person sending emails at 3 in the morning wanting you to get back to them by 8 am?

If you’re emotionally open (or a Projector!), pay attention to how you feel at all stages of a conversation: before, during, and after. Did you feel the other person’s emotions during the call? Could you walk them through it? Or did you get stuck there?


The Tangible Ways To Discern Alignment

Consider what type of support they best need.
Even when someone is coming to you for a specific offer, they may not know exactly what they want. (Think about how often you think you know what you need, and how often it ends up being something different than you expected!)

If they move through things quickly, they may not need a lot of support. If you’re working with someone who moves slower, you likely want to work with them longer.

Different Human Design types also have different needs.

  • Manifestors tend to move quickly – but may need more support on the energy side, getting into alignment. They may also need support figuring what needs to be handed off to someone else for completion. They do well with shorter programs, or longer programs that mix things up/can be more customized. If they’re super stuck, a 3-6 month program may help them shift out of it. 
  • Manifesting Generators can move quickly…but they need to backtrack to streamline what they’ve done. Since they need to respond, they do well with intimate check-ins or a lot of public conversation. They do well with both long and short programs. 
  • Generators work in stages – they do great diving into one level, and then coming back to master it. This is the perfect time to dive in through something short – workshop, mini course, challenge, etc – and then flow into a longer program. 
  • Projectors generally need longer programs. I like a minimum of six months working with them, because they’re going to need a lot of support and accountability going through things. 
  • Reflectors need ton of time. Like Projectors, I personally wouldn’t put them in a program less than six months…and that might be pushing it for them. They’d do well in a program that’s timed with the moon however! 

Are you doing energetic work? Your clients will need room for integration.

What type of accountability will they need? Will they need daily accountability? Think about how your program or offer approaches this topic.

Wondering why we need to do the work on figuring out what type of support a client needs? Well, so they truly transform – and so they have a positive client experience. Without placing them properly, they may be the person who messages you a lot  – potentially becoming codependent, or they could be a quiet person who doesn’t make traction because they’re not getting the support they need, so they get bitter and angry with you.

How do they speak about money?

How they speak about money can tell you a lot (even more so if they own a business!) Are they fearful of it? Do they bring up a lot of money fears and beliefs that need to be worked through? How do they respond when you talk investment and commitment? 


How do they speak about growth?

Are they in a place where they can take aligned action, or are they desperately trying to do ANYTHING if it’ll work temporarily?

This is one where you’ll have to make your own lines in the sand on what feels right to you. I prefer to work with clients who want a long term sustainable success, rather than a big win now…that they can’t replicate, or that they’ll burn themselves out on.  I don’t see that as serving them, although I acknowledge that there may be times when a big win right fucking now might serve someone – this is where you have to get clear on what feels right to you.

Generally, what I’m looking for here is vibration. Are they trapped in a low-level place of not seeing the big picture? Are they taking responsibility for how they got there? If not, they may be so desperate for change that they’ll likely break all of your boundaries simply because they want to be somewhere else. This type of person needs small, very structured shifts, and if that’s not what your program allows, it may not be right for them. A lower tier offer may be aligned – but you also need to question if their energy is right to bring into your business. (There’s no immediate right or wrong answer here, sorry!) 


Do they respect your time and boundaries?

Do they show up on time? Admittedly, if this is my first time meeting someone and they’re more than 15 minutes late, I end the call and it’s a pretty big red flag unless they provide an explanation. (Sometimes shit happens, and I’m not going to judge you for that!) If they’re late but only a little, I’ll just note it – it may not be a huge concern.

Do they let you wrap up the call on time, or note any concern about going over? Or do they pump you for more free information? 

Do they nudge your boundaries, and ask for discounts? This could be subtle…or bold.

One example I had: Last year I had a call with someone I wasn’t familiar with. She was between five or ten minutes late, but hopped on and mentioned she had trouble figuring out Zoom. That tells me she’s properly using out of date software, or working with older clientele – not potentially a concern, but something I note. 

I give her my pricing – and tell her that surprise! – she’s qualified for a discount that I don’t advertise but secretly honor. Her response…was to ask if I could give her that, but ALSO match pricing to CAD like a previous mentor of hers did. I made the quick note that I wouldn’t be working with her 1:1 in any form, and I would seriously question her alignment for any group program.

Can they speak to you about what mistakes they’ve made in the past? Do they accept responsibility for them?

Accepting responsibility is the big piece I’m personally looking for. Are they looking for things to blame it on – their mentor, the strategy they were given, etc  OR do they say where they need to grow, what lessons they’ve learned, etc?

Note: if they’ve suggested any sort of trauma or toxicity in a relationship with a previous mentor, I count that as accepting and holding responsibility. Simply admitting that is a huge step for them, and a big big big part of their journey. 


Still Not Sure?

Picture them on a path and see a fork in the road. Which path seems clearer? Which one does your brain naturally send a client down? You can call on their higher self to help with that decision.

Are there any blocks or thorns in the path? Is there anything preventing them to getting to you?

The paths may be different colors. If anything is muddy, murky, or weird misty-foggy-grey, then it’s not of the highest level and likely not the best option.

Is this person open to your conversation?

Are they actually receiving what you’re giving them?

Are they just trying to pump you for info? 

Are there any indicators that they’re not connecting to you, or you’re not reading them right?

Note what happens to your conversation with this person after doing this. Do they vanish or respond to you? If they vanish, they’re not right for that program at that time. If they went down another path, it might be that they’re more aligned for another program! If you know what you’re creating or offering in the future, you can let them know – and ask you if they’re opening to you touching base with them when that opens up. 



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