Month 2

Lesson 3 – Human Design + Your Offers

Have the ways you’ve been serving clients truly been aligned with you?

So often we’re trained to just create and serve the same way as everyone else  – create another group program with open structure, or a another course of just videos, another product, etc etc.

Which, great, it’s tried and tested. But for who? If it’s not aligning with your energy, is it actually even going to serve your clients?

(And don’t even get me started on the ethics and morality behind creating an offer in a way you may not be educated for yet, simply because everyone else is and someone told you to just do it that way!)

So today, we’re going to be chatting Human Design + how each type best works with clients. Because knowing your energy makes a huge difference.

When you understand the nature of how you are energetically hardwired, it helps you pick what kind of work you want to be doing. It helps you structure your business.

Karen Curry Parker



Ready to get clearer on what type of offers are truly aligned with your design? Time to explore!

Have questions? Feel free to ask in the group! 

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