Month 6

Lesson 3 – Ethical Followup

How often do you follow up with clients?

Andddd if you just had that response, you’re not alone.

Following up is terrifying to a lot of us. Are we being too pushy? Will they think we’re just trying to sell to them? Will we scare them away? There’s so many thoughts that can run through your head .

But ethical followup is entirely different – it serves both of you, without getting caught up in ego, and without focusing on the money. (YES, all of that is really possible.)

Today, that’s what we’re talking about – the art of ethical followup. 

Not following up with your prospects is the same as filling up your bathtub without first putting the stopper in the drain.” 
― Michelle Moore



Need some help creating your own followup plan? Lucky you – that’s just what we’re doing!  Copy your document below into your Google Drive, and let’s tackle it! 

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