Month 3

Lesson 3 – What to Do Before Sales Calls to Engage Your Energy

How do you feel before connecting with clients? If it’s not the BEST version of you, it’s time to change that!



This week the homework is easy. I want you to connect to someone – or write a post to connect with them…and use at least one of the above methods, noticing how it feels for you.

If you’re a mani-gen or a generator, here’s some questions to ask yourself (Other types can use this too!):

  • What are you really excited to share with your audience?
  • Which offer/way of working with you do you want to get eyes on?
  • Where are you seeing your audience struggle and what do you want to tell them?
  • How can YOU help them right now?

And if you want a WRITTEN copy of the energy bubble/crystal words, here goes!

  • Crown: I am clear and open to receive insight and guidance from god, from the universe.
  • Third eye: I always know the next best move for my aligned actions.
  • Throat: the right money words flow through me
  • Heart: I sell from a place of divine love. I shine that love out of me through my sales
  • Solar: I stand fully in my power, and allow myself to be.
  • Sacral: I feel pleasure in receiving.
  • Root: it is really fucking safe for me to be abundant.

If you want to track what you’ve done this week, here’s a doc. (If you don’t feel called to use it, that’s okay too!)

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