Month 6 – Clearing + Following The Energy

Lesson 2 – Energetically Closing Out People In Limbo

Do you have people in limbo with your business?

If limbo is an in between, and there’s a whole crowd of people lingering in it…what happens to all of them? How much energy will they need?

If you’re talking to people throughout the year but not closing them out from your business, guess what – they’re still there. And they’re just taking up energy and space. It’s not their fault – but we can clear them out to make more space in our sales, and in our business.

“But here, just at this point: this is limbo. There is the sense that if you stay at this point for too long, stop at this point of oblivion for a certain amount of time, you will just cease to exist. And we cannot move.”
― Irvine Welsh, Filth


Homework is easy this week: let’s start clearing out your limbo space! Need some guidance going through it? Want questions to respond to too? Grab the document below and copy it into your GDrive folder!

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