shift your sales party day 1

Your New Energetic Minimum

Today, we’ll be starting with a with a quantum exercise to connect to + anchor in your minimum amount to receive monthly

Trying to decide what number SHOULD be your new energetic minimum?

First, trust the energy. Energy knows more than your brain does.

Second, this isn’t about trying to suddenly increase the energy – remember you have to be able to CONTAIN it. I like to start the average of what are you making now – and stretch it a little, or choose the median of your months.

So, say you’re making:

  • Under 1K – Find your sweet spot of what it’s been EASY to recieve, and stretch it a little.
  • 1500-5K monthly -> That’s a BIG difference. So try anchoring in first at 3K. If it feels good, stretch it a little more.
  • 10-22K monthly -> 16K is a super safe place to start with, and then see if you can stretch it up to 20K.
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