Bonus Lesson

What To Do When You Want To Create $$$ Fast

Sometimes you need money more quickly than anticipated. And that’s okay. Really.

Maybe there’s a really exciting thing you want to buy. Maybe there’s an unexpected bill.

Whatever it is, let’s look at aligned way to bring in that income.

Before you can dive into creating money, there’s a few ways we can make it easier. Often we just want to jump to selling, when that…may not be the answer.

Especially when ego may be getting in the way and telling us that we should have enough money, or that we should have expected this, or whatever that little voice in your head may be trying to whisper to you.

We’re going to leave the shoulds at the door, take off some of that baggage, replace it with something positive, and THEN move into selling.

Getting Clear

We want to start with getting clear on what you want, what you need, and why you want them. Because sometimes we think we want something…when really we want (or need!) something entirely different.

So grab your journals and let’s let ourselves travel that path.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What do you need right now? (What purchases do you need to make? What bills need to get paid? Etc)
  • What do you want?
  • Why do you need it?
  • Why do you want it?
  • What do you currently *have*? (Physical things, non tangible things, etc)

And then from that place of gratitude, answer the next questions:

  • How can you bring in your needs?
  • What are the most aligned ways to create income right now?
  • If you could sell ANYTHING right now, it would be….?

Clearing Your Surroundings

Once you’re clear on what you want, what you need, and what that realm of possibility could look, it’s time to clear the energy of what’s around you. I generally like to do my entire home, because I’m in it, so the energy is going to affect me. (I pay particular attention to my office though of course!)

Sage or other Herb Bundles

Sage brings the space to neutral – so remember to set clear intentions about what is allowed in your space, and what isn’t.

Palo elevates the energy of a space. Some prefer to use this energy more for attraction – I find that it cleanses well for me. You can experiment to see how you prefer it.

Simple Cleansing Spray
Fill a spray bottle with apple cider vinegar, add some clove + rosemary, and then let it sit – ideally for three nights before use, but if you need it early, you need it early.

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Dried clove
  • Dried rosemary

My I’m-Not-Playing-Around Cleansing Spray
I don’t measure when I mix this – go with your gut! Start with a base of Florida water, rose water (I like this one), or holy water, add some peppermint tea infusion until your bottle is mostly full, and then add the essential oils, herbs, and crystals. Shake before use.

  • Florida water/rose water/holy water
  • Peppermint tea infusion
  • Cedarwood drops
  • Frankincense drops
  • Myrrh drops
  • Lavender drops
  • Dash of sea salt
  • Quartz crystal

Clearing Your business

For this one, you may need to talk to your business. What does it need to feel safe, recharged, and secure? Do you need to leave something in the soul of your business (maybe a Selenite or Citrine)?

Protection + Clearing With The Soul of Your Business
If you haven’t already tried out the Clearing + Protecting the Soul of Your Business Meditation, now’s the time to do it!

I’ve successfully used reiki to clear my business from all sorts of icky things – look for a professional that you trust. (Even if you yourself use reiki, I would suggest having someone else do it so there are no preconceptions.)

If you want a recommendation, I use Shelby Melissa. (Not an affiliate link!)

Clearing Yourself

Once your space and business are cleared, now it’s time for you!

Quantum Clearing
Start with this clearing from module one!

Cleansing Sprays
See spray recipes above. Spray on you. Let air dry.

Salt Bath
When in doubt, light a white candle and take a salt bath. You can toss a little rosemary in if you need extra purification.

Releasing Ritual
Write down everything you’re ready to release on tiny pieces of paper or toilet paper. When you feel complete, burn, flush, tear up, or toss into water (only if biodegradable please! The Earth likes when you honor her energy.) Speak out loud what you’re calling in to fill the void.

Infusing Yourself



  • Anoint yourself with your favorite attraction oil
  • Roll on a foam rollerball while calling in your desires
  • I like to do this with oil on the part of my body I’m rolling! (Usually the sides of my legs to clear out the spleen and gallbladder lines.)
  • Hip circles to open up your hips to receiving


Now that we’ve cleared all the things, it’s time to get to selling!

The Right Offer
What would feel really good to sell right now? It may be what you initially wrote down in your journal, it may be a smaller aspect of that…or it may be something else.

The right offer is going to be:

  • Exciting for you to offer
  • Feel good for you to offer (no energy drains)
  • Focused on what transformation you’ll receive
  • It should be very clear to them what is possible for them after experiencing you/your offer/your product.
  • In your sweet spot of what you can energetically receive with ease
  • If you’re not sure what this is, think about the average cost of what you sell.
  • What are the costs of things that sell without you feeling tired or like you’re pushing it?
  • Example: if you’ve sold offers at these price ranges: $222, $333, $444, $1200 – under $444 is likely going to be your sweet spot. I would likely go with between $300-350.

To keep it simple, it could be something like:

  • a product you’ve already created
  • potentially with something else added
  • a bundle of videos/meditations/etc you’ve created
  • a single session with you that’s very focused
  • two 1:1 calls + Voxer access with you for a month

Note: if you’re selling primarily products, it could be more like:

  • a bundle of your best selling products
  • a bundle of your favorite products
  • a product + workbook/video/extra piece of education tied into the MAIN problem you see in your customers
  • a product bundle + a short clarity session with you

What can you release to the world that fits the right offer checks?

How are you showing up?
So often when people aren’t making sales or aren’t making enough sales, it’s one of these things:

  • They’re not connecting to their audience
  • They’re not connecting to a big enough audience
  • People don’t understand what they’re getting or why they need it
  • Sales posts/invitations aren’t clear

For example: my FB group is around 555 right now – but only 300 of those ladies are active members. If I was only selling to my FB group, I’ve either got to keep uber present in there to get engagement up, or put emphasis on growing the group to get more people in it.

How many different ways would it feel good to show up around The Right Offer? Where?

Make It Clear What You’re Selling

Post Template

Do you want to feel [transformation point one]?

Are you [something you know to be true about your client in the before phase]?

Are you [something you know to be true about your client in the before phase]?

It can be a lot easier – let’s clear out [what’s holding them back] and bring you closer to your true alignment.

I’m opening my Kick Ass Offer Name here to 3 people in August!

We’re going to:
✔ true statement about what people will experience with you (see below for examples)
✔ take a look at what’s NOT working in your sales process
✔ connect you back to the most aligned version of yourself

You’ll receive/In 60 minutes we’ll
🌟structure detail
🌟 structure detail
🌟structure detail

Ready for [transformation point(s)]? Grab you spot here: [Paypal/Purchase Link]

[You can add a testimonial clip here if you want]

Want to read more about how to structure posts? Here’s a great resource.

Ask For Help
No man is an island, right? Ask for help – get some friends sharing your info and chatting about you.


  • It brings other energies into the energy wave.
  • It introduces you to new people.
  • And it uses social proof to show people why they should trust the power of what you do

This could look like:

  • Asking people to share your latest offer/sale
  • Asking friends/clients to share results or testimonials
  • Setting up an affiliate program where people get rewarded for introducing new clients to you
    • (Note: if you bring new clients my way, you always get something whether it’s free time with me, or money in your bank account.)
    • Picture this: your average offer is priced at $497. You have four people directing really aligned clients your direction. If each of them directs ONE person to you a quarter, that’s an extra $1988 of possible income.

Anddddd you can set up people who are nice enough to help with a lovely post like the one below if you’d like!

Example Post Template – switch to your own info!

Want to to understand your purpose and energy better? My mentor Kristen is doing a Midsummer flash sale on Soul Purpose Sessions for the next three days! Sit down for 90 minutes to dig deep into your Human Design, to understand what your energy is literally made to do + how that correlates with your business and what you’re selling. Feel good about what you’re selling and get to your goals with more ease by knowing your true Purpose! Usually priced at $555, these sessions are just $333 for the next few days!

[Reason why they love what you do/why they love working with you]

[What they’ve experienced in the session, if they’ve had it]

Go grab yours here! (I am!) – [Paypal/Purchase Link]

Feeling good now? Feeling clear? Go forth and sell!

Reminder: I believe in you.


Copy the document below into your Google Drive – start with the journaling, move into clearing energy, infusing energy, and then the nuts and bolts of what you’re going to sell. Need help along the way? Feel free to reach out!