Welcome to The Client Prescription!

Congratulations – Your business is about to transform immensely!

Here’s how this is going to work:

Everything we do is going to be split into three categories:

  • Vision Mapping + Diagnosis
  • Creation Compounding
  • Launch 🚀

Don’t worry if that sounds too fancy or formal – you don’t need ANY marketing experience to make this work. Everything is going to be broken down in easy to understand steps – so you can take action quickly, AND there’s going to be a handy checklist with each lesson or mini lesson so you KNOW you’re gaining momentum.

#NoEntrepreneurLeftBehind here, love.

Need some support while you’re putting it all together? Just give a shout to us at support@starlitstrategies.com, and we’ll help!


Ps: If at any point you need some 1:1 guidance, send a quick email to Kristen@KristenJett.com so we can chat about where you are, what you’re creating, and what you need!

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