Thank You Page Checklist

Did you say thank you? (Don’t laugh! Connecting through gratitude is the most essential step!)

Did you deliver the prescription or set expectations on how they will receive it? (Ie → did you make it clear what happens next?)

✨ How to do they get their prescription? How long does it take before it appears?

Do you tell them where to go next?

✨ Offer them a special final piece of the prescription → The Thank You Page Offer

✨  Offer them a related freebie that sends them to your next client prescription

✨  Direct them to your free communities/social media/somewhere else where they can engage with you

✨  If they can engage ABOUT your client prescription, even better! (This builds momentum around your offer, and gets others excited too!) Tell them what hashtag to use, or what to say to make it clear.

Did you bring back navigation/menu options, or redirect them somewhere else (like a thank you page offer?)

Do you send a followup email afterwards?

✨ Hint: Thank them again, and remind them how their prescription is being delivered.

✨  You can then email again later to start sharing tips…and

✨  If you bought The Client Prescription Funnel Generator, this is the perfect time to use that info!

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