Sales Page Checklist

Before you start crafting the sales page, make sure you know these things:

Who is this offer for specifically?

Who is this offer NOT for?

What is the MAIN transformation they should expect?

✨ This is the number one thing we want to show them will change.

✨ We want to keep emphasizing this throughout the sales page.

✨ So, using that copywriter example from the last lesson → We’ve established some of the shifts to be that their clients can sell easier, making the sales page faster, getting clients easier.

✨ So the main transformation might be selling more – without having sales calls


What are smaller transformations that may happen for them too?

✨ With the copywriter, they can mention the ability to create the page faster and KNOW their audience will connect with it

What are they SAVING by investing in this?

✨ Time?

✨ Money?

✨ Energy?

Now that you do, this is what we need to include…


If you have TEN seconds to grab someone’s attention + tell them why they need your offer, what would you tell them?

What will keep people wanting to know more?

These will likely talk about where your client is struggling/can grow more and/or talk about the results they can have.

Some starting points:

✨ What if you…

✨ Imagine…

✨ Are you ready for…

A few of mine:

✨ Are you ready for a launch that feels like magic?

✨ Sharing your gifts is sacred work. Selling should be sacred too.

A few of my favorites:

✨ Write your client-attracting website in 12 easy steps.

✨ Say yes to the career and lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

✨ Have more money; fund your dreams.

You may want to use this phrase in your promo graphics/at the top of posts. Statistically that helps

Where are they now?

This is where you show your clients that you SEE THEM. That you UNDERSTAND them.

This is where the connection starts to happen.

How are they spending their time while they’re trying to move forward and grow?

How can they recognize where they’re struggling? The actions that they’re taking because of the struggle?

You can even call out what you KNOW they know about where they’re struggling - and then direct them into how it still is.

Paint the picture

What COULD their life look like after using your offer?

If their problem suddenly disappeared and their big transformation happened, what would their life look like? Feel like?

All of those problems and struggles mentioned in the where are they now is what gets fixed in this section.

what is your offer?

Time to introduce your offer!

Drop the name, and a one sentence tagline that makes it very clear what the transformation is.

Who are you + why do they care?

What’s your story related to this?

Why are you the person to help them around this topic?

What do they get?

Time to break everything down - what’s included in your offer?

How does it get delivered?

And WHY do they care - what does each piece do for them? How does it help them create shifts + change?

Feature + benefit

Total Value is..

Investment is...

[Buy button]


What questions will you answer here?

This is a GREAT place to answer potential objections like

✨  Is there a payment plan?

✨  Is there a refund policy?

✨  How much time will this take?

Love Note

What do you want them to know?

Why do you believe this is the best option for them?


Most people read six or fewer testimonials

Sales Page Call To Actions

These are going to be the buttons in between sections where people can actually click to buy

You want to have at least 2-3 of these, and make sure they stand out!

Don’t put them in the same colors you put everything else in the page.

Make it CLEAR that this is where you purchase - but you can also put some personality into it!

Other Items You Can Include

This is for you vs. this is NOT for you

The process

✨ If your offer/program is complicated, you may want to explain HOW it is going to work for them. Break it down into easy steps so they can see how they’re going to transform.


From a marketing stand point

I also recommend no menus or links to other pages on the page

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