Creating a Momentum-Powered Launch

It’s no secret that I love launching. Little launches. Big launches. I love both. (In fact, the only thing I miss from my marketing agency days is planning more launches in a year – I only need one or two big launches a year!)

…but the thing is, launching doesn’t have to be complicated, take a lot of time, or any of the stories you may have told yourself. As much as I love big launches, it’s not needed all the time – and you shouldn’t even get it on your radar until you’re used to a smaller launch structure! (I’ve had six figure launches with solely a few emails and social posts!)

We’re going over my favorite way to launch simply – to have a plan that uses the momentum of everything you’ve done previously, while also addressing everything your clients need to know in order to know if this is right for them. If you’ve ever imagined launching and still hitting your goals without a lot of work, this is the one for you!


Use This While You Listen!

Download the quick sheet below to take notes and plan while you listen!


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