Get The Client Prescription Funnel Generator

I get it – FOMO happens. (There’s probably entire psychological studies related to this, right?)

Maybe you’re starting to sell, and you’re releasing “Hey, this could be a little easier.”

Or maybe you’re starting to flow clients from your irresistible offer to the next step, and you’re spiraling down the path of “Holy cheesecake, what do I SAY?”

Well, it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

The Sales Funnel Generator will lead your clients from the first email they receive when they join your irresistible offer to determining if your next offer is aligned for them.


What It Will Do:

Help you connect deeper with your clients

Help your clients see you as an expert

Lets your clients become aware of a potential problem - and self diagnose their need

Showcase how you and/or your offer have helped others create amazing transformations

You’ll get prompts and guidelines for each email from timeline, to what absolutely must be included in this email – as well as an example of an email I’ve used, often with some information on why I chose to go a particular route. Have questions about why I wrote my emails a particular way? Just ask and I’ll add that in!

You’ll lead your clients through the following emails:

The Welcome → To intro your clients to the offer they just purchased

The Bridge → To connect your clients from this transformation to the next

The Next Offer → Now we introduce them to your next offer!

The Expert Builder → to show that you’re trustworthy in this area

Self- Diagnosis → to help move them off the fence, and get clear on if this is right for them

Testimonials → to further prove this works - and for a variety of people

[Optional!] Last Call → to remind them why they need this


Don’t take it just from me!

I was dreading writing my funnel – with the help of the The Client Prescription Sales Funnel Generator, I wrote 7 emails in a day, and then was inspired to do even more!

Kelli Tompkins

Mint Fresca

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