Who Am I?

Hi! I’m Kristen – founder of Starlit Strategies.

Because it’s always boring when someone just dives into their professional talk: I’m a mama, writer, stress baker, and a not so secret lover of palm trees. (We should all have palm trees in our backyard, right?)

I’m also a business strategist who specializes in blending energetic alignment with strategy + your story to create deeper connection with your clients.

I believe sales is about connecting with your clients + creating deep transformations.

I believe creating your legacy is about owning your story + working with your energy.

Everything starts with your energetic flow + how you connect with your audience. From there, it’s telling your story and creating a strategy that helps brings clients into your transformation streams – serving both them and you at the same time.

Because service is the thing that we often forget. When growing our business, people like to tell us how to sell, what funnels to use, how to grow your visibility in Facebook groups, all the things – but so often what’s forgotten is connecting us to a place of service and starting from there.

Service is about the connection. The experience. Leading people down a journey to transformation – and letting that shine in every single thing that you do. THAT is how people remember you. THAT is how you blow the statistics out of the water. (I know – I’ve done this, and my clients have too.)

Still curious about me? Before I closed my marketing agency to work with visionaries + conscious entrepreneurs, I spent over fifteen years creating + facilitating million dollar marketing strategy, sales funnels, and launch campaigns for companies we’re all familiar with. Launches are my jam. Funnels are my love. But underneath it all, it’s really about two things: connecting with your clients, and creating massive + recognizable transformation for them.

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