Email Seven – Last Call (Optional)

Do you need a last call? Not necessarily. It can be a great reminder to people who’ve been on the fence.

Ethically, if you send a last call email – there should be some actual scarcity involved. Maybe it’s for an offer where doors are closing soon. Maybe you gave them a time sensitive coupon. THOSE are good reasons to use a last call.

If you have no real scarcity, you can also just go with a “Hey, this is the going to be the last time you hear me mention this!”



  • When time is running out! Likely within 1-2 days of your last email.

What To Include:

  • The scarcity reasoning – why is now the last call?
  • What’s the next step offer again? (Features + Benefits)
  • Why is the next step offer going to help them with where they are right now, after going through your entry level offer?
  • How to grab the offer

Who To Send To:

  • Everyone who’s purchased your entry offer – but NOT your next offer

Other Questions To Ask While Writing:

  • Why is NOW the time they need to move into this offer?
  • Are there any objections to talk about to shift them off the fence?
  • Are there any bonuses or rewards they get for moving in, that they may not have been aware of?

Example Email:

Still on the fence about whether The Quantum Selling Experience can help your client prescription get even more impact?

I get it – you’re already doing a lot. Is one more thing really going to make a difference?

My answer: yes – because by now, you should know that I’m about doing the ALIGNED things, not #allthethings. About moving forward with what creates the most impact – because my time is sacred, and yours should be too. I need time for my family, to be a momma, for my husband to see me when there’s not a Kidlet (or two) around, to write novels, self-care, and to visualize my next ideas. Maybe you need time for the same things – or none of those. Either way, I know you don’t want your business eating up your entire life.

What you do want is:

  • more connection with your clients
  • attracting the right clients more effortlessly
  • deeper impact on the world around you
  • your client prescription transforming more clients – and leading aligned clients into deeper levels of transformation

The Quantum Selling Experience will help you align your energy BEFORE you sell to more easily do all of those things. Many of my clients swear by it! (And I always use mini quantum meditations before doing any of my own sales work to clear the air!)

So, if you want in – here’s your invitation! Grab The Quantum Selling Experience now, and save 25% off with your special coupon.

And if you’re on the fence – your special coupon (TCPSECRET) will still be good for all The Client Prescription clients for at least six months. But if you’re anything like me, will you remember it?

Kristen Jett

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