Email Six – Testimonial Email

Sometimes people need a little more security before they move forward – and that’s okay! Our intention here is to provide that security in a way that’s truly going to resonate with them.

It’s going to be different for each audience – many people often just go for the “who is the most recognizable name I can use?” – and that’s great! But that may not be what your audience needs. Instead of pulling out some big guns here, I instead chose to tell a story – because a story is relatable, walks people through the journey, and ultimately can mean a lot more than Your Favorite Mentor saying it’s great thing.

In this email, I’ve also chosen to address a potential objection – is energy something they even need to work on.



  • 2-3 days after your last email

What To Include:

  • Testimonials from people you’ve worked with on a similar transformation
  • Testimonials from “big names”

Who To Send To:

  • Everyone who’s purchased your entry offer – but NOT your next offer

Questions To Ask Yourself While Writing:

  • What information can I give people to make them feel more comfortable and secure in investing in me?
  • Whose opinion would make them comfortable/more secure?
  • How can I show the transformation they’ll receive from working with me?
  • Why does it matter what these people say?

Example Email:

You may be wondering: okay, The Client Prescription is great – but do I need to work on my energy too?

If you’ve made it through your bonuses, you maaaay already know how I feel about this. (Hint: If you haven’t, I recommend dropping into the bonus masterclass of Energy Alignment + Your Success as a great starting point!)

My business has been built on watching the combination of strategy + energy become essential. After I left the world of corporate marketing (and running million dollar marketing plans), I had one client who was doing ALL the right things. She had great strategy. She was visible in many ways, including getting on other people’s platforms. From looking at her actions, there was no reason her business wasn’t booming – but it wasn’t even crawling.

So we had to look at her energy. We started looking at what actions and thoughts came before writing that epic post or blog, or doing that interview. We dug into her relationship with being visible, with receiving, and started peeling back the layers one by one. As we did, her business blossomed, pivoted, and finally became what she was looking for. As we added in Human Design and energy work (including quantum work), she could finally both be SEEN and PROFITABLE.

Quantum work – my energetic speciality – speeds this process up immensely. Layer by layer doesn’t need to take months or weeks – in The Quantum Selling Experience, we can go layers deep in just a week.

“Every time I listen to your quantum work, I receive a new opportunity. The biggest sale I’ve ever made. Podcast invites. Summit invites. It literally attunes me to receiving.” – Anna Claire

What else have people experienced from this?
🌟3-7K sales before even finishing the six day experience!

🌟 Seeing the EXACT clients who contact them about their 1:1 offers – and knowing exactly what they need to feel secure

🌟 Receiving 1:1 clients exactly as they listened to the meditation – no sales call involved!

🌟 And so much clarity on what offers their clients are truly needing right now – plus how to talk about it

So, if you’re ready to:

  • shift your energy around selling
  • supercharge your energy to magnetize the right clients into your field
  • to more easily attract clients who are READY, just from you being you
  • to OWN your power, purpose, and all the facets of how you serve

then – viola, The Quantum Selling Experience is for you.

Six days of quantum meditations to make selling a more magical experience.

➡ To clear old beliefs, patterns, and energy.
➡ To connect to the clients whose energy is already attached to your offers + attune to their energy.
➡ To read the energy of your offers and 100% know what’s best for where clients are coming in right now.
➡ To create a magnetic bridge that keeps aligned clients flowing to you.
➡ To form a sales vortex around you to light you up during sales conversations.
➡ To activate your power around how you serve so it shines through in everything you do.

…and you can replay them at ANY time to keep amplifying, keep shifting, keep activating, keep playing bigger and bigger.

Connect to clients on a deep level, call them in, and let your energy be the beacon they need to see. It really CAN be that easy.

Ready to be attuned to selling + receiving? Grab The Quantum Selling Experience here – and use your special The Client Prescription coupon (TCPSECRET).


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