Email Five – Self-Diagnosis

Now we’re fully in self diagnose mode! Your intention at this point is to allow your client to really discern if they’re in need of this, and if this is aligned for them. It’s up to you to help them along that process!

For this example, I’ve used a quiz – but you don’t need anything as fancy! You can simply write a love note to your dream client for it, and then ask questions to help them diagnose themselves.



  • 2-3 days after your last email

What To Include:

  • Explanation of WHY this will make a huge difference for them
  • Price + how to buy
  • Potentially a calendar link to schedule a clarity call with you (ONLY if there’s a 1:1 aspect involved, or if it’s a high level cost!)

Who To Send To:

  • Everyone who’s purchased your entry offer – but NOT your next offer

Questions To Ask Yourself While Writing:

  • Why do I believe people need this?
  • What objections will people have that I need to address now?
  • What do I see happening for people as they have this experience? After they have it?
  • How can I help people self -diagnose whether they need this or not?
    • Hint: I like asking them questions, or even doing a mini quiz so they can SEE exactly where they are.
    • And if you know Human Design, this gives all your Generators and Manifesting Generators something to respond to!

Example Email:

You’re excited about your client prescription – but how can you showcase it to the world and sell it the most easily? Let’s take a quick little quiz to tap into what quick shifts you can make to help get your transformation to as many clients as we can.

  1. You’re getting ready to announce your irresistible offer to the world. How do you feel?
    1. Excited! You’re pumped about finally getting people in the doors!
    2. Pretty good. There’s a mix of all the feelings – but you’re also nervous. Will the right people see it?
    3. A little nauseous. You know this can help people, but will they recognize it? Will they know it’s for them?
  2. Woohoo – your very first sale hits your inbox! How do you respond?
      1. About time! Time for the next one!
      2. Time to celebrate! Or…maybe I’ll wait until a few more just to make this real.
      3. Yes! They DO know what it can do for them!
  3. Your first week of sales is way beyond your expectations. What are your first thoughts when you’re looking at your Paypal/Stripe account?
        1. This was amazing! What can I create next?
        2. Officially time to celebrate! Will this keep going?
        3. Something I said really got them thinking! What do I say next?

Choose mostly A’s? It’s time to shift your speed. You’re excited – great! …but you’re moving so fast that your clients don’t have time to get onboard your energy! If you’re following someone else’s guidelines, here’s your permission to take a breather and tune back into what it looks like doing things your way. It may also be time to release some old beliefs, and patterns that are keeping you running a mile a minute.

Choose mostly B’s? It’s time to shift the energy behind your sales! You’ve got all the right things in place, but it’s time to get your ability to receive in formation too. What you do before the sale is just as important as what you do DURING the selling process.

Choose mostly C’s? It’s time to shift your connection with your clients. You know you’re serving, and what you’re here to do – now is simply the time to get even deeper connected to your clients so you KNOW they understand what you’re sharing with them. You may need to also tap back into owning your personal power – it’s time for you to shine.

Maybe you want more sales. Or bigger sales.
Maybe you want a deeper connection with your clients.
Maybe you want to release old beliefs or fears around money or selling.
Maybe you want to call in clients easily + naturally – just by being you.
Maybe you want to activate your own power + purpose – knowing you’ve been playing small just a little, and it’s time to own what you’re here to do.

The Quantum Selling Experience is six days of powerful quantum work built on the same pillars of success as my signature selling program, Spellbinding Sales.

Six quantum meditations. Six tangible actions to do afterwards – because the energy is the starting force + momentum for your followup actions.

So much energy. So much potential. So many shifts.

🌟 If something hasn’t been feeling right energetically around selling, this is for you.

🌟 If you’d simply like to amplify your results, this is for you.

🌟 If you KNOW something needs shifting to make your next goal, this is for you.

🌟 If you KNOW that you’re not fully shining with the power of your gifts + purpose, this is for you. We’re going to clear the foundation, charge up your energy, and activate your purpose so you can finally OWN IT completely.

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Kristen Jett

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