Email Four – Value Drop or the Expert Builder

Here’s an education email – to start making your clients aware that they may need more help. (Think of this as the start of self-diagnosing.)

This is also where you show your stuff, and remind them that you’re the expert in this. Have something to allow them to get a taste of your energy? Here’s the perfect place for it.



  • 2-3 days after your last email

What To Include:

  • Education on the transformation your next offer is
  • Links to resources where they can see you as an expert around this
  • And/or where they can experience a taste of this

Who To Send To:

  • Everyone who’s purchased your entry offer – but NOT your next offer

Questions To Ask Yourself While Writing:

  • If I was brand new to this concept, what would I need to know?
  • If I was brand new to this concept, how would I need to experience it?
  • What already created resources do I have where people can get a taste of me?

Example Email:

Ever feel like quantum feels like the new buzz word? I was scrolling through my inbox recently, and realized there’s a new buzzword in town: quantum.

Quantum leaps. Quantum shifts. Quantum rates.


a) fascinates me, and

b) brings out the mama mentor in me who’s like “Hey, that’s great and all, but do any of you want to explain how you define it?!“

Because let’s be real – energy work is vague by nature. That’s why so many who sell the intangible can get stuck on the struggle train. People need to understand the intangible at some capacity before they feel safe moving forward. Human nature = we’re all a little scared of the unknown.

Reminder: if you’re not sure how to explain what you do, chances are your audience doesn’t know how to perceive what you do either.

To me, quantum work is about working with energy that’s outside of this plane. Bringing your awareness and your energy outside of this space so that you can access deeper levels of energy. Into the heartfield so you’re still in your own energy, but also not attached to ego, other people’s perceptions, or any of the other things that bog you down.

This is where I go to access the Akashic, to clear blocks + stuck beliefs, to detach icky things in my (or other people’s) energy.

For years, I’ve seen energy as webs where I could play with moving strands of light to help bring in my desires, and I see quantum work as nearly the same way – except I’m collapsing the light lines to bring the shift from the energetic energy space to the physical world.

The more I study, learn, and experiment, the more I realize that I’ve been doing this work my entire life (literally)! To go to sleep as a child, I taught myself to go into an inbetween space before hopping into a dreamworld. That inbetween space? The quantum heartfield.

So, in this case – “quantum” is about accessing a different energy field – and using it to create rapid results.

Want to experience quantum rituals for yourself? I’ve been sharing more and more publicly lately – I’ve realized I’ve been mostly saving this work for existing clients, which yay for them, but not so helpful for the people who truly need it.

So here’s a few rituals to experiment with – because the intangible of what you do is so much easier understood when experienced.

You can find several quantum rituals in my Facebook group, including:

A ritual to help you Release Your Self Sabotage

A Quantum Activation for Shifting Your Energy Around Sales (Here’s part 2)

And What to Do When You Get Stuck

And on my IGTV, you can find a quantum ritual for calling in specific clients, as well as one for getting clear on how much support you currently need. (Questions we all have, right?)

I leave you with this question: What piece of you are your future clients needing to experience so they can fully grasp it?


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