Email Three – Introducing the Offer

It’s time to introduce your offer. You’ve already prepped the way a little bit – now’s the time to let them know there’s another stepping stone available for them, and start giving them some details to feel into. You won’t necessarily focus on self-diagnosis at this point, but you can start dropping what seeds of transformation could be planted for them.


  • 2-3 days after your last email

What To Include:

  • A little bit of value to help those who aren’t ready
  • Info about your next offer (a bit like a mini sales page)


  • What your offer is
  • What’s included
  • Who this is for
  • WHY they need this
  • What transformation they will have after they do these
  • Any bonuses
  • Pricing info + link
    • Do they get any specials?

Questions To Ask Yourself While Writing:

  • Can you tie in why they need this after your irresistible offer?
  • What transformation is possible for people through this experience?
  • Why do people need this? Why can this make a difference in their life? In their business?
  • What exactly do they get out of this? (Features + Benefits!)
  • What tangibly changes for them?
  • What conversation would you like to have with the people who need this?
  • Why is this a big deal?

Example Email:

Getting ready to sell your client prescription?

There’s one thing that people often forget before they sell: preparing your energy. You do all the tangible things – getting the sales page ready, making pretty graphics, writing posts…but what about connecting with your clients? Making it easier for your energy to receive?

What if instead, you also:
⚡️Take a moment to connect to the vision of how your prescription will serve your clients – BEFORE you do any sales work. (That includes writing content, creating graphics, doing a live, basically #allthethings!) What are they going to be able to achieve that they haven’t before?

⚡️ Write down some future testimonials from your clients for this offer, and honor the energy of them in your workspace. What are they most excited about how their life/business/etc looks now? What are they telling EVERYONE about your offer?

Want to go in deeper into shifting your energy? Last year I was called to create The Quantum Selling Experience, to help entrepreneurs who have a great offer – but need to shift some energy before they start releasing (or rereleasing) it to the world.

Because selling is more than the visible actions you take. It’s about connection – and alignment. The Quantum Selling Experience allows you to shift everything from how you connect to your future clients, to attracting clients in (even BEFORE you know who they are!), to creating a sales vortex around you for sales conversations.

And I believe energy should be doing more sales work than you are. If you’re ready to keep letting go of the habit of doing #allthethings, let’s keep shifting together!

We’ll be walking through the milestones of my signature selling program, with a piece of quantum work (active meditations) daily for six days. You’ll also have a tangible action to take afterwards, because creating results is about the combination of BOTH energy and action.

The energetic process we follow in The Quantum Selling Experience is the staple of my signature selling program – we’re just focusing on the energy first:

🌟 Clearing first so that everything is being built on a solid + steady foundation. (Time to let go of those old patterns, habits, and beliefs that are keeping you running in a hamster wheel!)

🌟 Connecting to your clients on a soul level and attuning to what they truly need from you.

🌟 Tapping into the most aligned offer that will serve your clients where they are right now…not where you think they are, or where you want them to be.

🌟 Calling in clients who are already aligned + waiting – because you shouldn’t have to convince anyone this is the time to work with you.

🌟 Activating your unique gifts + amplifying your confidence and mastery around them.

If you’re ready to align your energy with more sales more easily, AND truly connect with your clients, The Quantum Selling Experience is for you! Andddd, for TCP clients only, you can use this special coupon: TCPSECRET!


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