Email Two – The Story and Bridge

Here’s where we start to lead our clients towards our next offer – connecting the story of the transformation we’re working on to their next potential transformation.



  • If you have a shorter program for clients to move through, this can be a few days after purchasing.
  • If you have a program that may take longer for clients to move through, this could be a week or so after purchasing – or even longer!

What To Include:

  • A personal story – what can you say about your own journey through transformation?
    • What happened when you were they were?
    • What did you need to work on next?
  • Introduce or tease your next offer – > how is it related to what they need to work on next?

Who To Send To:

  • Everyone who’s purchased your offer!

Other Questions To Ask While Writing:

  • How has this changed MY life?
  • What areas of my life has it affected?
  • How has this affected me?
  • Where was I before I learned this information?

Example Email:

Confession: I’m someone who always has multiple projects going on at one time. I’m usually reading a minimum of three books (one fiction, one nonfiction, and one of either in print). I usually have at least five tabs open in Chrome (sometimes more like twenty!). I’m usually binging two shows at a time.

…but when you do that in business, things tend to not get done. Or not get done at the level you want them to be at. Chances are, you’re a little bit like me – you’re doing lots of things at once, and it’s harder to get everything done perfectly…or get the results you want.

One little shift I made to help my business get more done (and really – get things done better) was to focus on one transformation goal for my business a month. That’s how I created – and launched – a brand new irresistible entry point in a month last year – The Quantum Selling Experience. That irresistible entry point? Led to an extra 21K in income in three months, on top of everything it created itself. (And as for the clients, some told me about making extra income in mere days – before they even completed The Quantum Selling Experience!)

Sound familiar?

If not, let me break this down.
⚡️I focused on ONE transformation: helping my clients create more sales, more quickly. (The sub transformation was that they’d also be more aligned sales – no more clients who suck all the energy out of you!)

⚡️I began with an entry priced offer – The Quantum Selling Experience, a six day experience around changing your energetic relationship with selling – which opened with a special launch price.

⚡️For clients who wanted to go deeper – or wanted to include aligned strategy to what they were doing – I invited them into Spellbinding Sales, a twelve month sisterhood focused on connecting with all three tiers of your clients + selling to them more sacredly and ethically. (Short term 1:1 was also a limited option, as I closed down my 1:1 shortly after that.)

⚡️And since I did this in under a month, I kept it simple without any add ons.

It’s the exact same process you’re following in The Client Prescription.

Give your clients ONE transformation, and then create the stepping stones for them to get to different parts of their journey.



PS: Want to get more feedback on the transformation you’re providing clients? Just pop into Intuitively Wealthy and use the hashtag #TCP or #TheClientPrescription to get feedback from me, Team Starlit, and the community!

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