Email One – Welcome In!

Your momentum flow starts the moment your clients buy your offer. However, that doesn’t make every email a sales email! (How exhausting would that be?!) Our first step is simply to welcome your new clients in + set your expectations.

This can be a place to start the tease for the next offer – but you can also wait for that!


  • Right after they show up!

What To Include:

Welcome to [your offer]

  • Welcome them into what they purchased. Once you’ve done that, remind them why they’re here + what shifts this will create for them.
    • Why are you excited to have them? Why should they be excited?

How do they access the offer?

  • What do they need to know to dive in? Where do they go? What do they download? Tell them all the things!

Set expectations.

  • How long will the offer take?
    • What do they need to know before getting started?

Optional: If you’re worried about [what problem does your next offer solve?], we’ll be working on that along the way.

  • This part is the tease – and you don’t have to include it if you don’t want to. Butttt if you already know there’s going to be things your clients are worried about that relate to your next offer, you can reassure them that they’ll get some help there.

Who To Send To:

  • Everyone who’s purchased our offer!

Example Email:

Welcome to The Client Prescription!

Let’s be real – you didn’t start a business for it to take up all your time and energy. The Client Prescription is going to help you focus one ONE thing, create some major momentum in your business, and… get your life back. 🎉

Ready to dive in? Use your login information below to login and get ready. [insert auto generated login + password]

You’ll start with choosing your own timeline – I’ve provided 30 day, 60 day, and 90 day timelines so you can move forward according to your lifestyle and energy.

I can’t wait to see what transformation you create for your clients! (Seriously, feel free to share your progress with me personally or inside Intuitively Wealthy – just use the tag #ClientPrescription!)


Kristen Jett

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