Craft Your Momentum Launch

The main part of your momentum filled launch is mix and match – but we can break this down even further!


The Tease

The tease period is where we start building energy BEFORE you even launch. I’d recommend at least a week, but you may find that you want to get your audience (and maybe yourself) extra excited before moving into selling.

Note: If you’re a Projector or Reflector in Human Design, I recommend at least two weeks!

These posts don’t include links or sales information – although if someone asks, you can always give them a presale link, or offer to tag them when you do open the doors!

Here are some suggestions on what to talk about during the tease:

  • Tell the story of why you created [upcoming program/offer].
  • Tell the story of why you’re excited for [upcoming program/offer]
  • Why do you think the world needs [upcoming program/offer]
  • What elements of [upcoming program/offer] excite you the most and why?
  • Did you have beta testers for [upcoming program/offer]? What have they said? What results have they achieved?
  • Why do you KNOW that [upcoming program/offer] will change things for your clients?
  • Why are you passionate about the clients who will be coming into [upcoming program/offer]?
  • What would make you more excited about [upcoming program/offer]?
  • What’s happening behind the scenes with [upcoming program/offer]?
    • Sneak peeks
    • What are you most excited to share?
    • What’s the most fun piece to create? Why?
  • Education piece: What do your clients need to do before coming into [upcoming program/offer]?
  • Question around [your transformation topic] – what’s one thing your clients would like to change around them? ->  Get them thinking about where they’d like to create shifts in advance!


Week One

No, you don’t have to JUST sell! You can continue building a connection with your audience too. Here’s an example of if you were posting daily. You could also potentially combine pieces from your Objections, Shifts, and Growths to gain extra time.

  • Introducing…your offer!
  • Objection 1
  • Personal story – why did you need help with this topic? What shifted for you?
  • Shift 1
  • Growth 1
  • Education: What’s the ONE thing you want people to know about this transformation goal?
  • Objection 2


Week Two

  • Education – This one thing is holding you back.
  • Shift Two
  • Growth Two
  • Education – It doesn’t have to be so hard – here’s why.
  • Objection Three
  • Shift + Growth 3
  • Last call – invite into program – reminder of Shifts + Growths


Elements You Can Incorporate In

  • Client success stories/case studies
  • Testimonials
  • FAQs
  • Educational posts
  • Sneak Peeks – yes, you can even do more behind the scenes!


Prefer a longer launch? That’s cool. (I personally do.) You can use these same techniques to stretch out your launch to whatever length of time makes sense for you, your energy type, and how much time you have.

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