You Did It!

Viola! If you’ve followed the steps and answered the questions from here, you have an entire funnel to flow your clients from one offer to the next.

You can use this to bring your clients from your entry level irresistible offer to the next step, or even from your next step to one step further.

Need a few more tips?

  • Tune into what makes you YOU – why does someone want to hear from you? What’s going to make them feel safe and cozy inside your business?
  • Ask yourself what you would need to hear to move forward to the next step.
  • Simplify everything with the question: Why do my clients need this ONE transformation stepping stone? – And then fully explore what changes for them as they integrate that into their life.

I’d love to hear what you’ve created, and how your clients connect with it! Just use the hashtag #TCPFunnelGenerator inside Intuitively Wealthy – or feel free to message me directly!

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