Checkout Page Checklist

Is the menu gone? → Now is NOT the time you want people leaving!

Is it simple to understand? 23% of clients who leave a cart do so because it was too complicated or too long!

Is it clear what they are purchasing?

Are expectations set for what they’ll receive?

✨ You may want to use bullet points to remind them of everything that’s included!

✨ You can also use mockup images to show them what they get.

Can they see that they’re submitting their payment securely?

Is the checkout button easy to find and clearly labeled?

Are all links to other pages removed?

[Optional - depending on audience] Is it easy to pay with Paypal?

[Optional] Are there testimonials of clients who have had a positive experience?

[Optional] Do you suggest a complimentary offer/product? (This is an offerbump!)

Want to get more advanced? Okay:

Do you have an abandoned cart email sequence?

✨ Note: Not all email systems can do this. If yours can’t, it’s okay! get.

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