Month 4 – Selling + Amplifying

Lesson 2 – Client Boards + My Pyramid Process

This lesson is thanks to you! By request, we’re going in deeper with what you do after pulling signifiers, as well as two ways to energetically nurture your clients + potential clients without draining yourself.

Think: client boards, rituals, and pyramids, oh my!

“If you cannot believe that something is possible, then you are not going to have it. But if you can have the smallest thought that it might be possible, you are already on your way to creating it. You cannot create something if you do not believe you can have it. Live out your dreams in your mind; picture or feel yourself getting what you want. Hear the words you will say to others and they will say to you when your dreams come true. Make your imaginings so real that they feel possible to create rather than like wishful and distant fantasies.”
― Sanaya Roman, Creating Money


Time for some action. Create your own client board + get uber intentional on your sacred space for your signifiers.

Questions to ask yourself during this process:

  • How do you want to honor your clients?
  • What energies do they need to be supported by?
  • Are there any traits (confidence, luck, etc)  they need boosted?
  • If so, how can you incorporate that into your work?

Feel free to share what comes up if you’d like!

Want to see one of my pyramids? Here’s one below! (That’s ritual wealth powder around it!)

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