Month 2 – Client Attraction Foundations

Lesson 1 – Clearing + Quantum Work

We’re doing something a little lighter – work wise, at least today! I know that often when we do this work, we stir shit up. I think of it a little like bone broth. When we heat everything up, the impurities rise to the surface to be skimmed away.

So think of today as skimming away what’s releasing, and then replenishing it with good nutrients.

“Current science accepts that the act of observing something, at least at the subatomic level, changes the behavior and characteristics of the thing observed.”
Richard Bartlett, Matrix Energetics



So tell me all about it! I want to know what you experienced it so we can interpret what it means for you, how you connect with clients, and even what those clients look like!

So feel free to talk about it in the group – or copy this document into your Command Central, so I can read all the things! 💋

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