Soul of Biz Meditation Bundle

Soul of Business Meditation Bundle
This meditation bundle includes 5 soul of business meditations to support you in understanding your business better, receiving messages and clarity from your business, and calling in dream clients + abundance.

With this bundle, you'll receive

Soul of Business Meditation - This guided meditation will walk you through meeting the soul of your biz for the first time (or for the first time after some major changes!).

Calling in Soulmate Clients Meditation - Ready to attract your dream clients to you energetically? This guided meditation will support you as you make some important changes to the soul of your biz and call in your clients.

Expanding Rooms + Receiving Clients - This meditation takes everything up a notch because it's time to expand! With this meditation, you'll make some crucial renovations to the soul of your biz so you can call in even more clients and ensure they're comfy while they wait to work with you.

Money Room Meditation - Get ready to receive! This meditation will walk you through creating your very own money room in the soul of your business and tweaking the room so that it's ready to receive all the money that's flowing to you. You'll be led through several exercises that will support you in releasing your money fears and calling in your desired abundance.

Clearing + Protecting the Soul of Your Biz - It's time to call in the guards. With this meditation, you'll connect with your guides/source to protect your business from negative energies, people, and situations. Don't worry, though! This protection allows all the good energies to flow through to you and your biz.

Energetically Connecting With Your Clients - With this meditation, you'll receive clear messages around who you need to be and what you need to embody to connect with your dream clients. You'll also be guided through creating a safe + welcoming space for clients as they flow into your business.
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