Month 2

Lesson 1 – Cash Infusions

Ready to infuse your business with some extra energy?

I love cash infusions for feeding your business with some fresh energy (and your bank account with some extra funds!)

Do you want to use them all the time? Not necessarily. Can you use these regularly to boost your business? Hell yeah.

Today, we’ll be chatting about the foundations of running a functional cash infusion – all the questions for you to have answered before diving into this, when to do this, and how to attract in clients.


Oil Notes:

  • If you use Youngliving, I like to diffuse Abundance, Cypress, and Palo together.
  • If you don’t use Youngliving, try: Cypress, Palo, Wild Orange, and Clove.
  • Any oil recipe where I use pearls, I simply use jewelry making pearls. You should be able to grab some at your local craft store.
  • If you use Eden’s Garden – I like the Frankincense & Myrrh blend, and it works well as a replacement for the separates.  (Vanilla is always good for attraction, Cistus opens up your intuition while helping to release negative emotions, and Cedarwood can ground the energy in.)
  • I am not offended if you tweak amounts/portions based on your nose and energy. That’s how a lot of blends traditionally got created!
  • I personally source most of my oils from Youngliving or Eden’s Garden. If neither of the two has a particular oil, I may then look at Doterra, Mountain Rose Herbs or Plant Guru.
    • I have a belief that we often respond differently to different companies, so you may need to test different brands to see what personally resonates with you. I came to my own conclusions after lots of research, and then buying Frankincense from as many companies as I felt like to see how my energy responded to it. I chose Frank as that’s the oil I typically have the biggest energetic reaction to. 




Time to get brainstorming! Feel free to do it on your own – or in the handy doc below. 

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