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Why be an affiliate?

What’s so awesome about being a Starlit Strategies Affiliate? Great question!

+ You’ll receive an average of 10-13% commission for your sales (including for sales made on payment plans – let’s hear it for recurring affiliate income!).

+ In most cases, you’ll have all the promo graphics + copy + marketing schedules you could want. (We’ll give you the materials + swipe copy. All you have to do is use it.)

+ The Starlit Strategies Team will be available to answer questions and support you with any technical errors that may occur. You won’t go this one on your own!

+ You’ll get Red Carpet Treatment. Starlit Strategies is all about empowering women, and that includes our affiliates! We’re so thankful for our team of amazing women who share our products and services with the world. We’re here for you.

– No obligation to participate in promotional events. We understand that life gets busy sometimes, so if you can’t (or choose not to) join us for a marketing campaign, that’s ok. We’ll still keep you up-to-date on our plans as they pertain to you, so you’ll be in the know.